Our new baby

In a previous entry I mentioned what my mom got my dad for Christmas, but I haven’t had time to properly blog about it until today:

A new puppy!!!

My dad has been looking for a black shepherd for a while now, but he didn’t know where to get it.  He found this little guy being sold online and my mom offered to buy it for him.  We couldn’t pick him up before Christmas because we had to wait until he was old enough to be separated from his mom.

The seller lived in Pampangga so we had to drive about 110km to pick our new baby up.  We met up with him in the parking lot of Robinsons San Fernando.

Raffy came with us and joked that the whole thing seems like some kind of dark trade – contacting someone online and meeting in some parking lot for a quick exchange of “goods” XD.  My uncle even tried to talk us out of going, saying stuff like we don’t know anything about the guy we’re meeting – he could be some random mobster waiting to steal our kidneys and sell them on the black market, LOL.   People are so paranoid these days, but you can’t really blame them with all the stuff that’s been on the news lately (like those poor car dealers that were brutally murdered, tsk~)  Anyway the seller turned out to be this really nice guy.  He brought two pups with him so we can choose which one we wanted.

When we opened the cage, one of the pups came towards us and licked our hands while the other turned his back and walked away.  (Three guesses which one we bought XD)

Ezra and I wanted to name the little guy Noctis (from FF vs 13) or Sirius (from Harry Potter – Sirius Black, hehe), but since he was a gift for my dad, he got to choose the name.  Guess what name he picked.


Seriously, I’m not kidding.  Our new dog is called Greaty.  Ezra and I hated the name at first (I mean, can you blame us??) but it’s growing on us.

My dad told us that when he was younger, his grandma (that would be my great grandmother) had a dog named Greaty, which he dearly loved.  It was so big that he was actually able to ride on its back, like a horse.  It sounded crazy and we didn’t believe him at first so we asked our aunts and they told us that it was true.  My dad was really small when he was younger and the dog was so big that it was possible.  (Our aunts also told us that my great grandma used to name ALL her dogs “Greaty” since she liked the name so much, LOL.)

My dad loved the old Greaty, but he adores this new Greaty too.  He spoils him all the time, buying treats and toys and stuff like that.  I can’t really blame him though, this little guy is just too adorable!  And he’s so photogenic too!  I love taking pictures of him.

He sat on my mom’s lap on the car ride back home

Aww, such a well behaved pup

The owner didn’t feed him the morning we bought him so he wouldn’t throw up in the car, he was starving by the time we got home.  Look at the food dish my dad got him, it’s huge, LOL.  He could use it as a tiny bed if he wanted to.

My aunt wanted to take him back to California with her because he’s just too adorable.  Of course she couldn’t do that so she settled for a big slobbery kiss from him instead, haha.

He’s growing up so fast.  I wish he could stay tiny forever.  But my dad tells him everyday that he has to grow as big as Aslan (from Narnia) LOL.

It sounds crazy, but you’ve got to admit, it’d be cool if Greaty does grow to be that big 😀

(I have more picts of him playing in our garden but I haven’t had time to sort them yet.  I’ll post them when I get some free time)


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