Sabangan Beach Resort (Batangas) pictures

When my balikbayan aunts visited us during the holidays, they wanted to go to the beach, so we took them to the Sabangan Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas. It was actually our first time there as well. We found the place over the internet, and it looked okay, so we booked two cottages for three days. The resort wasn’t that big, but it was nice.












The beach itself wasn’t that big either, but it was clean and not too crowded, which we liked.   We walked along the shore and did some exploring as soon as we got there.





Weird looking fish being sold by some fisherman there.



After a quick tour of the place, we decided we wanted to go kayaking, so we got changed and rented some equipment.


So excited 😀


All geared up


Kayak-dude pushing us away from shore


And awaaaaaay~ we go


Ezra and I shared one kayak.  She’s such a cheater, she sat in the back just so I wouldn’t notice that she’s letting me do all the paddling.  It was all caught on video though, tsk tsk.    Look at her not paddling in this picture and playing with the orange buoy.


That evening we walked along the beach again


I borrowed my dad’s flashlight to do some light painting:


Ezra and Raffy thought it looked like fun so they joined in

(Ezra used a cellphone while Raffy used his iTouch)



Hearts! ❤ (Raffy’s heart is upside down, LOL)


The next day, we decided to go snorkeling after breakfast, so we hired a boat to take us somewhere where we can see lots of fish and corals.



There weren’t a lot of pretty corals there though, mostly just rocks.  But at least the fish were pretty.


My aunt, dad, uncle and great uncle stayed in the boat because they didn’t want to swim.  My aunt kept giving me food to feed to the fish.  We forgot to bring bread with us on the boat, so guess what she gave me to feed them – Lay’s potato chips, LOL.  I don’t know if it’s bad for the fish, but the guy on the boat didn’t stop us, so I guess it’s okay.  I’m sure other people have fed them worse things.


After an hour of snorkeling, we decided to head back to the resort and swim in the pool, where there was more shade.  (It was almost noon by this time so the sun’s rays were really strong.)


The water was freezing!


We swam for a bit, then showered to grab some lunch.  The sun was still pretty strong, so we just hung out and relaxed in the shade after eating.


We found a hammock near our cottage


Raffy looks so at peace with the world, enjoying the breeze while listening to music


Around 4 in the afternoon, the weather turned nice again, so we decided to go banana boating

It was Ninang’s, Raffy’s and Mama Darling’s first time on a banana boat.  Raffy and Ninang enjoyed it, but Mama Darling said it was torture, LOL.  Ezra and I have tried banana boating a few times before, but this was the most fun/exciting because the waves were really strong, so we really had to hold on to avoid falling/sliding off the boat.


There was space for only five people so my mom rode on the jetski with the guy who rented us the boat.


My mom wanted a picture on the boat too, so we shot this after returning to shore.


On our last day there, we decided we’d like to try the jetski, so we rented one.

Jetski guy showing us the areas where we were allowed to go

I drove the jetski during the first half, then Ezra got her turn.   The waves were really strong again, so it was a bumpy ride.  It was fun, but a bit scary since there was only Ezra and me out there.  We’re not really very good swimmers so I was worried about what would happen if one of us fell in the water.  I know we had life jackets on so we probably wouldn’t drown, but still~


Ezra didn’t seem scared at all and kept going at full speed.  I just kept screaming behind her.  It was fun though.  The jetski guy was signaling Ezra to slow down in this picture because we were nearing the shore.


Checking if my head was still attached to my body after going so fast, j/k.


Raffy and Ninang had a turn on the jetski too.


We played on the beach for a while after this, then got ready to leave the resort.


Ezra wanted to take pictures on the beach one more time before leaving, so we took a few quick shots


Last picture on the beach~  (This was also when Ezra and I shot my last self portrait for 2010.)


Goodbye Sabangan Beach Resort.  We had fun 😀




One thought on “Sabangan Beach Resort (Batangas) pictures

  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I am subscribed to “google alert” for anything “Batangas”, so I stumbled upon your blog. I am forwarding this information to Mr. Salvador who owns the place. Your blogs and comments make us more alert to things we should improve, what the people enjoy most etc. etc. Best regards… Batangas Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. and the Philippine Action Group for Social Responsibility Inc.

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