Ckloy and Greaty

Ckloy wanted to come with us to Pampangga to pick up Greaty last month, but he had to work that day.  I showed him pictures through YM, and he found Greaty so adorable that he came over the following weekend to play with him.  I took pictures of them playing in our garden.


Greaty : “Pay attention to me~”


Trying to climb up.  He made it up eventually.



Ckloy loves Greaty



I love this shot, hahaha~ (Greaty’s tongue went inside Ckloy nose, LOL)



Attack of the black shepherd:

Dun dun dun


He’s coming to get you


And attack you with his adorable-ness





Greaty likes to look at the camera when he sees it, such a camwhore, haha




Ckloy: “I told you to stop biting me already!”  (Don’t worry, Ckloy didn’t really strangle him.)


Looking at the camera again


And here are two solo shots of Greaty which I love:


I especially like that last one 🙂



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