Clay processing at MMSU (Ilocos Norte)

Last week, I went to the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) in Ilocos Norte with a few members of our lab to get more clay for a project we’re working on.  We didn’t want to bring back huge sacks of raw material to Manila so we processed them there as well.  Kuya Don (a member of our lab) is a professor at MMSU, so he was able to give us access to their facilities.  (It felt kinda weird calling him “kuya” while we were there, everyone else addressed him as “sir”.)

“Ceramic Manufacturing Plant and Training Center” – where we did most of the processing


Kuya Don and Sir Chelo (my adviser) showing us how it’s done


Our turn


We used a sieve to get rid of the larger particles


Amie and Beulah.  We had to wear a mask because there was dust (dirt?) flying everywhere.  It was so windy!


Beulah and me


After that we had to weigh the clay and get it ready for wet seiving


Amie and Beulah next to the sieves we’re going to use

Kuya Don did most of the work.  We just helped him by holding the sieves steady, hehe


Beulah and our clay


Amie resting, tired from all the sieving


It started getting dark at around 5pm, so we decided to continue the next day.   Besides, we were tired after working the whole afternoon.


We found these ceramic cylinders outside.  We’re not sure what they’re for.


Amie decides to use it as a toilet (j/k)


Beulah wanted a picture inside the cylinder things too


We decided to grab some dinner after this.  We had miki and lomi and the famous Ilocos empanada

special empanada, yummm~  It’s orange!


The not-so-tired girls.  Feeling rejuvenated after a good meal.


The next day we went back to MMSU to process more clay to take back to Manila.


weighing the clay again


The clay suspensions looked like chocolate milk/coffee, which made us all very hungry.  (The container Amie’s holding is empty though, LOL)


Kuya Don helping us out again


Transferring the extracted clay into a container to take back to Manila.  We started out with 62kg of raw material and was only able to extract enough to fill half of this orange container.  But that should be enough to last us until the end of the project – hopefully.  If not, we could always go back and get more 😀



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