Nail art tutorial : Black hearts, white dots

(Belated) Happy Valentine’s Day 😀 Nail art I designed for the occasion:

To do this, I first painted my nails black:

My black nail polish is starting to dry up. It’s not as shiny as it used to be T__T

Then I painted the tips pink:

For a cleaner line, I used scotch tape as a guide. It did the job, but it left a bunch of sticky residue on my nails after I peeled it off.  I had to wash my hands a couple of times to get it off.   To avoid this, maybe you could try sticking the tape on some fabric first before sticking them on your nails? (I dunno, I haven’t tried this either, I just thought it might work. I’ll try it next time I do something like this.)

To add extra shine (and also to help prevent chipping), I added two coats of silver glitter polish:

(It’s not that obvious on this photo though)

Then I used my black nail art pen to draw little hearts on top of the pink tips:

(This took a while because I have shaky hands.)

Finally, I added some white dots near the line where the pink and black polish meet:

Ta-dah! Perfect nails for V-day 🙂


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