Retail Therapy : My ukay haul

I’ve been feeling extremely stressed the past few weeks (thanks to my thesis, problem sets, take home exams and oral presentations) so I’ve been itching to go shopping and reward myself with some nice things. Our lab meeting was cancelled yesterday, so I was able to go home earlier than usual. On my way home, I stopped by this small ukay ukay near my apartment. It’s been there for a while now, and I’ve always been tempted go in, but I’ve never had the chance to until last night.

I didn’t really expect to buy anything since I merely wanted to look at the stuff they had for sale, but I ended up leaving with 6 items. The shop was small but they had a lot of nice stuff. I was a bit disappointed to find that their price range is a bit more on the expensive side compared to other ukay ukays I’ve been to though (but this could be because they had a lot of new arrivals last night).  So even though I found a lot of stuff that I liked (I had about 12 items in my hands at one time – there were so many cute clothes), I put some of them back to avoid over spending. But I did end up buying some pieces I really liked.

Here’s what I walked out with:


2 skirts (I love the brown one)

3 blouses and 1 cardigan

The total came to P900. Pretty expensive for ukay stuff, but I think they’re worth it. Besides, there’s almost no way you can get 6 pieces of clothing (nice ones) for that price in a mall. I expect that the lacey black blouse alone would cost more than P900 in a department store. It’s my favorite find of the day 🙂

Here’s a close up:

It doesn’t look that special in this photo, but the material quality is really good.  It fits me perfectly too.

I wasn’t able to try the items on in the store, so I had to mostly guess if they would fit me. There were fitting rooms available, but there was a huge “NO BAGS INSIDE” sign posted next to them. (I shopped alone so there was no one to hold my bag for me, and I didn’t want to leave it outside since my laptop was inside.)

Anyway, I’m really pleased with my purchases. I don’t know if I should be happy that I found an ukay store near where I live though. It’s good that I don’t have to go somewhere far to go ukay shopping anymore, but I’m worried that I might drop by the store more often than needed and end up spending all my allowance on clothes XD


4 thoughts on “Retail Therapy : My ukay haul

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