Finally found some time to blog about my Ilocos trip three weeks ago.

We left UP Diliman around 10pm. My adviser prefers to drive at night to avoid traffic. He’s made the trip to MMSU a couple of times before and knows that travelling at night saves a couple of hours.

We arrived at Batac, Ilocos around 6am the following day. Kuya Don was able to make reservations at the MMSU guest house (it was previously called “The Mansion”, but we were told that we shouldn’t call it that anymore since people might confuse it with the other “Mansion” in Baguio).  Amie, Beulah and I pretty much slept the entire drive up to Ilocos, but we still collapsed on our beds and continued to sleep until Kuya Don called around 9am to ask if we were ready to go to MMSU. We were still all half asleep at that time so he told us he’ll call again later to see if we’re ready. After ending the call, we realized that the three of us were hungry (our last meal was dinner the previous day, unless you count the siopao we had for a midnight snack at one of the rest stops), so we decided to shower and look around for a place to eat.

We stayed in Room 3.

The room that Amie, Beulah and I shared. It was pretty big. There were 8 (or was it 7) beds there and two bathrooms.

Living room/lobby?

Another lobby? I like this sofa set. It looks similar to the one we have at home. Plus it was really soft.

In front of the guest house (with a “MANSION” sign in front).

There was a small eatery in front of the guest house, but we saw this:


We flagged down a tricycle and asked the driver to take us there. Kuya Don and Sir Chelo laughed at us when we told them that we had brunch at Jollibee. Where was our sense of adventure, they said XD

While we were eating, Kuya Don called again and asked us to meet him at the guest house around 1pm so we could finally go to the university and do some lab work.

(I’ve already made a separate blog entry about our clay processing experience, so I won’t write any more about that here. You can just read about that HERE if you’d like.)

We spent the entire afternoon and the morning of the following day processing clay. After we’ve gathered enough clay, Sir Chelo and Kuya Don showed us around Ilocos. It was Amie’s and Beulah’s first time there. I’ve only been to Ilocos once before, back in highschool, so I was pretty excited too.

Sir Chelo parked in front of this sign when they went to buy some shovels at a hardware store:

We stopped by the famous Pasuquin Bakery to buy some soft biscocho, which is a specialty of theirs. I bought one bag to take back home, but unfortunately it got mixed up with Amie’s stuff and she ended up taking it home with her.  (I ended up with her tupig, XD)

Then we went to see the famous Bangui windmills:

Can you see the windmills behind us?  It was so windy that day that all of them were moving (spinning?).  Kuya Don and Doc Chelo told us that this was the first time they saw this happen.  Usually only a few windmills would be spinning at a time.  (Although I heard that sometimes these things stop spinning because they’re “fully charged”, or something like that?  I’m not sure how accurate that is, but it sounds plausible.)

We moved to get a closer look at the windmills

Of course we had to take some jump shots there 🙂

I love this shot Amie took of me


Beulah holding her shirt down because it was so windy

We stuck around to take more pictures and to watch some people windsurf, then headed off to someplace I can’t remember the name of XD

The seal says “Province of Ilocos Norte”

We stopped by the tiny view deck to take more pictures

Nom nom nom

I told you it was tiny

The view was awesome though! The pictures don’t to it justice.  I upped the blues in this photo to try to recreate some of the magic I saw there, but it’s still not the same.

Another shot of the view

Then we stopped by this place to collect raw clay samples.   (Well, Sir Chelo and Kuya Don collected samples. Amie, Beulah and I stayed by the car and took pictures.)

Amie pretending to be a mechanic changing a tire, while I pretend to be the impatient customer.

Beulah pretending to be the car’s owner

Kuya Don approves

Amie and me in the car

Then we went to this beautiful place called the Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud. It seriously was so lovely! The water really was so blue!! I didn’t get to take that much pictures because I was too busy admiring the view. Plus it was so cold so I kept jumping around trying to keep warm.

Such a beautiful place! Again, the pictures don’t do it justice.

Beulah and me. It was sooooo windy!


We rushed to the water to dip our toes, just as a strong wave came crashing to shore. We were soaked from the waist down T__T   The wave even reached my camera, which I was holding. Luckily I bought extra pants with me, and my camera was inside its case, which absorbed most of the water.

It was getting dark after this, so we headed back to Batac, grabbed a quick dinner and went to bed.

The following day, Sir Chelo continued showing us around Ilocos. (Kuya Don stayed behind because we were going to drive up to Baguio that afternoon, and he wanted to spend more time with his family in Batac.)

We saw the famous Paoay church, the oldest church in Ilocos:

The sign gives a brief history of the church

Inside the church

On the way to Vigan we saw this sign:

Subli Subli Beach Resort : “A Morantic place for lovers”

MORANTIC??? We’ve never heard of the word before. We assumed it was a typo and was meant to say “romantic”, until we saw another sign a few meters down the road, saying the exact same thing!  When I got home, I checked if it was an actual word and found it on

Morantic – A combination of “moronic” and “romantic.” Someone who actually believes in true love.
Person #1: You mean he actually believes he loves her?
Person #2: Yeah, he’s pretty morantic.

LOL! I’m going to have to start using this word more XD

After a while, we arrived in Vigan where we decided to explore a bit.

Cobblestone streets! Those are souvenir shops in the picture.

Some of the heritage houses

We walked around for a while until we saw a kalesa and decided to ride on one:

Picture inside the carriage, taken by our driver (?)

He took us to this bell tower, which was supposedly a location for a famous Filipino movie (or was it a show?  I can’t remember.).

We didn’t have much time so we decided to just take quick photos by the gate.


After the 30 minute kalesa ride, we walked around and bought some souvenirs and pasalubong. I bought a shirt for me and Ckloy, and got him a bottle of basi (sugarcane wine).

We left Vigan at around 2pm and stopped by Currimao (Beulah keeps laughing at the name XD) to see more beaches. Then we we dropped by the famous Marsha’s Delicacies to buy some bibingka:

At around 3pm we decided it was getting late.   We didn’t want to leave Ilocos and all its lovely beaches so soon, but we decided that we should probably start heading up to Baguio, unless we wanted to arrive in the  middle of the night (we stayed there for two nights, which I’ll blog about some other time) 😀


9 thoughts on “Ilocos!!!

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  6. hi..i’m Gilliane, a student of MMSU taking up BS in development communication.. i just want to say thank you to you for promoting my beloved ilocos norte and a little of mmsu through this very beautiful and interesting blog.. hoping for your next visit here in Ilocos and i am presenting my self to be your tourguide for your next trip hir,…

  7. Hi Miss Author,
    I just want to ask, is the MMSU “Mansion” near Currimao Bay? or is it in or near Batac City proper. Thanks. Will be going there also to attend a symposium. Thanks for blogging about your Ilocos Trip. It was nice and gets me excited! I might as well do the sight seeing you did!😃😉

    • Hi Kenj! Thanks for dropping by. The MMSU mansion is located right next to MMSU university in Batac. I think they also have a guest house now, just across the street from the mansion. I’m not sure how you can make reservations though.
      Hope you have a good Ilocos trip 😀

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