Pizzas and Princesses : Ate Love’s birthday

Ate Love’s birthday was on the 11th of this month, so Kat, Larry and I took her out to dinner last Monday (which also happened to be Valentines Day). We met up with her at SM North after our class. I found out that Etude House has a branch at The Block now, so of course I dragged them with me to see the store.

It was Larry’s first time hearing about Etude House. ย He was a bit disappointed that the sales assistants called Ate Love, Kat and I “princess” while they just addressed him plainly as “sir”, but he got excited over the Lee Min Ho cardboard cutout that was in the store and asked Kat to take his picture next to it:

They wanted to take more pictures but the guard stopped them, saying picture taking wasn’t allowed inside the store

Ate Love found the hand creams adorable. Kat, Larry and I thought they were cute too so we all decided to buy one. We got the special set which contained the 4 different kinds:

Hand cream set


Aren’t they super adorable?? Obviously we were more interested in the packaging than the actual creams inside XD Each animal came with a different scent.


I got the panda which was a peach scent, which I love.

Kat got the pink dolhin. It was supposed to smell flowery, but she claims it doesn’t smell like anything. She wanted to the peach one too, but I beat her to it, nyahaha XD


Ate love got the penguin. It’s supposed to smell like baby powder, but Ate Love says it doesn’t smell like anything either XD


Larry got the white seal which was ย green tea (I really liked this one too, very refreshing)


My baby panda and nail art ๐Ÿ™‚


I also bought a small lipstick for Ezra (V-day present) from Etude House. Isn’t the packaging so cute?? She mentioned last week that the lipstick she’s using is running out and she she needed to get a replacement. I’m not sure if she’ll like this shade, but if she doesn’t I can always keep it for myself XD


Ate Love, Kat and me with our “babies” (as Larry calls them).


Our babies


Solo pict of my adorable panda


Larry with all four babies


We decided to eat at Sbarro because we were all craving pizza. (Well, we were starving so we were craving anything XD)

So much food!! None of us finished our orders and had to get them wrapped up to take home.


Group shot taken by one of the waiters. (Check out that line behind us. The place was CROWDED!)


We had yummy cheesecake for dessert – which the babies were very interested in


Kat tries to eat my baby panda as punishment for trying to steal her cheesecake


Larry with cheesecake and handcreams (an odd combination XD)


Of course I wanted a picture with the cheesecake and babies too


I wanted to go shopping after dinner, but we had to leave quickly since Kat still had to go back to LB since she had a 7am class the next day.


Happy (belated) birthday Ate Love!~ Hope you enjoyed our little treat for you ๐Ÿ™‚



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