Pictures from Baguio

Finally found time to sort pictures again.  These were taken about a month ago so I’m feeling a bit lazy about writing this entry. But here goes:

My adviser had to go to UP Baguio to meet some people last month, so we headed up there after our Ilocos adventure. We arrived the night before his meeting.  We stayed at this apartment owned by a my adviser’s colleague (I think).

The place had a kitchen so we cooked dinner instead of eating out.  Beulah and I don’t know how to cook, so it was Amie who did most of the work. All I did was put the rice in the rice cooker XD


Getting ready for bed:

Amie and Beulah – all bundled up


Hiding under the covers. It was so cold!!  It was around 9 degrees that night (according to the apartment’s caretaker).


The next day we went to UP Baguio for my adviser’s meeting.  Amie, Beulah and I didn’t really have to come with him, but he let us tag along so we could go sight seeing. He was pretty busy that day so we decided to go off on our own and explore the place for ourselves.


With UPB’s Oblation statue (I don’t think we were allowed to go near it so we took pictures from afar.)


Beulah grabbing his butt cheeks


Amie and Beulah with a statue of someone we didn’t know XD


UPB library


Amie and me with a huge bee


Taking a break from walking. I don’t know if it’s the cold air or the high altitude, but walking in Baguio seems more tiring compared to walking in Manila (or LB).

After taking a quick look around campus, we decided to head off to SM Baguio where we would be meeting Amie’s friend, Nathan, who agreed to show us around.

We passed by the beautiful garden on the way there

so many flowers!


Isn’t the place lovely?


We come in peace XD


Walking to SM Baguio.  Beulah snapped this photo of Amie and me looking exhausted (yet still happy)



It was still pretty early and we still had an hour before we had to meet Nathan, so we took a look around the mall first.


Checking out the directory


View from the 3rd(?) floor balcony






We found this exhibit which featured some people and we decided to copy their poses




We found some ladies doing aerobics at the top floor:

I bet my mom would love to join something like this


Nathan arrived around 11 and showed us around Burnhamm Park.

Beulah, Amie and Nathan

Me with some pretty flowers! (I know the super high angle is so teenybopper, but I was trying to get the flowers in the shot.)


There are so many colorful flowers in Baguio~ I love them!


cute patio thing


Emo girl, LOL


Amie’s trying to break in


Beulah and her boyfriend, Mr. Scarecrow


After walking around the park, we decided to grab some lunch. Nathan took us to Jack’s where we all had the famous Jack’s rice. Rice, pork, chicken, veggies, egg and soup – all for P80! Super yummy and affordable!

Jack’s menu.  They should open a branch in LB. The students would love it!



After lunch we took a cab up to Minesview Park, where we found this adorable St. Bernard. We got our picture taken with him for P50.

Isn’t he so cute?? The owner said he was just a few months old, still a puppy!

Pictures at the view deck:




We saw this white horse with a pink mane there, haha


Beulah rented some original igorot stuff for P10:



With the old igorot lady

After looking around at the shops there, we got on a jeep and headed to The Mansion (the president’s summer house).

Gates to The Mansion


With the sign next to the gate


The Mansion


We weren’t allowed to go to the actual house, so we just took shots in front of it:







Then we walked over to Wright Park to take more pictures





pretty sunflower


The horses were so cute, but they smelled terrible!


We grabbed another cab and went to Camp John Hay:

(I’m getting lazy so I’ll just post pictures and skip the captions)




Then we headed back down to go ukay shopping! Yaaaaaay~ I already posted an entry about that, so you can just view that HERE if you like 😀

We spent most of the afternoon going from shop to shop (which is way more fun than it sounds), then grabbed some dinner at this place which serves great sans rival (I forgot the name of the restaurant, sorry).

After dinner we went back to Burnhamm Park to go on a quick boat ride 😀

Pretty parols


The boats were so cute!


Amie and Nathan took turns rowing the boat while Beulah and I relaxed at the back.


I took pictures of the pretty lights too:


(Blurry because the boat was moving)

After an hour we decided it was getting late and we should probably start heading back, especially since we were leaving Baguio at 4am the next morning.

Thanks Nathan for showing us around! We had fun 😀


9 thoughts on “Pictures from Baguio

  1. what kind of camera did u use for ur pic? it comes out nicely =)
    after blog walking of ur blog a while ago, i knew it that u love photography,too =D ( like i do =P )

    • Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂
      For the pictures in this entry I used my Sony Cybershot W220. It’s a point and shoot so I find that its more convenient to bring on trips. Some of the pictures were taken by my friend’s Sony Cybershot W230.
      For the other pictures on my blog (self portraits and other photoshoot stuff), I use my Canon Digital Rebel XTi 🙂

  2. canon rebel XTi?
    i use canon too =D (i used to use nikon actually, but end up with canon and like it because their soft color)
    it’s rebel T2i, which is means he is ur big brother’s camera..hehehehe

    • Canon FTW~ 😀 I’ve always been a big Canon fan, since my dad loves them. Honestly I’ve never tried Nikon before so I can’t compare the two. But I’m perfectly happy with my Canon so I see no reason to switch to Nikon.
      Yup, rebel XTi. It was on sale when I bought it (back in 2008). The Rebel XSi had just been released at that time so the XTi prices dropped. Lucky me XD
      Rebel T2i? That’s the one my boyfriend has. He bought it earlier this year (but he bought it here in the Philippines so its the Canon 550d). It’s nice right? The video quality’s awesome!

  3. nikon was pretty awesome,thought ( use canon is much simpler than nikon actually, my fav. nikon is D80 and D90, it’s so outrageous =D )
    really, yeah same here in Indonesia, we call it canon 550d
    yep it’s really nice, the pic was lovely and the video was gorgeous ( i use it for my movie ) as always. i got him last year, when that camera has been released so the price was a little bit expensive at that time.
    your editing skill is so good! =D
    i can’t edit my picture yet =P i’m bad with editing stuff

    • Thank you 😀 I’m sure you’ll pick up editing techniques soon. I learned everything I know about Photoshop on the internet. Just Google “free photoshop tutorial” and you’ll get hundreds of results. You can also try searching for photomanipulation tutorials on, they have some really nice ones there 😀 I still browse through Photoshop tutorials every now and there. I’ve still got a lot to learn 🙂

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