UPLB February Fair

The UPLB Feb Fair was held last February 14 to 18. I wasn’t able to drop by until the last day because I was busy doing my thesis in UPD. (The UP Fair was held in Diliman that same week, but I didn’t have time to check it out.)

Anyway, Ckloy and I left Manila at around 7pm and arrived at LB around 10pm (traffic was terrible!). We dropped our stuff off at my house first, grabbed a quick dinner and headed to the field at around 11pm.  We didn’t stay for too long since there really wasn’t that much to see, but we did drop by the Physika booth to say hi to our orgmates:

Ckloy and I in front of the Physika booth


PHYSIKA! (Picture grabbed from Mervin’s facebook XD)


Me with my sisses


Steph, Amie and me

Shalu and me. It’s been ages since I last saw her!


Hahriz and Amie were glad to see Ckloy again after so long


Nene and me – she’s gotten so thin!


Ckloy and I passed by this henna booth and decided to get henna tattoos:

Skull for Ckloy (he should have added a snake so it would look like the Dark Mark from Harry Potter XD)


Floral pattern for me (I didn’t choose it, I was still busy looking at the booklet they had and the guy was all “forget that, I’ll make a special design just for you”, so I let him XD)

(The henna tattoos were nice, but I think the ink they used wasn’t strong enough so it rubbed off almost completely after I showered, tsk~)


It was great seeing everyone again (and meeting new Physika members) but we only stayed for an hour since we were so tired that day.  We dropped by the food stalls on the way back to the car and bought scramble and corn for my dad.   (I wanted to pig out but I was still full from dinner.)  Hopefully I won’t be so busy next year (and I’ll be in LB again) so I’d have more time to enjoy the fair.


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