Ukay once more

Remember the ukay shop near my apartment I was talking about a few weeks ago? I was feeling a bit stressed out again yesterday so I decided to drop by for some retail therapy on my way home. I was pleased to discover that they were having a sale. Blouses and dresses were priced at P50 each, some boleros and sleeveless tops went for P20 and skirts were being sold for just P10. Whoa~

(In my last entry I mentioned that the clothes there were more expensive compared to other ukay places, but it turns out that it was because they had new arrivals that day.)

I only planned on buying 1 or 2 blouses, but I ended up walking out with 8 items – all for P370, can you believe it~  The last time I went there I bought 6 items for P900, tsk.

I love all the pieces I got. A couple of items are a bit too big so I’ll have to ask Lola to alter them for me when I go back to LB this weekend.  (I love that my grandma is retired dressmaker :D)

Anyway, here’s my ukay haul from last night:

2 dresses, 4 blouses, 1 bolero and 1 cardigan. My favorites are the striped pink button down shirt and the flowy white/cream dress on the left. I originally bought the white dress for Ezra, but when I tried it on at home (I couldn’t fit the items in the shop since there was no one to hold my bag for me again), I ended up loving it so I’m keeping it for myself, mwahaha. (Sorry Ez. You can have the white dress/blouse in the far right instead, hihi.)

I  love ukay shopping 🙂


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