Beulah’s and Daisy’s visit to LB

This year’s Physics Fair was held last February 26.  The challenge for the students this year was to make paper boats which would compete in three events : a race, a head-on battle and a competition in which the paper boat which can carry the most people (without sinking) will win.   We figured it’d be fun so we invited Beulah and Daisy to come to LB with us to watch.

The event was held at the Pook ni Maria Makiling. I haven’t been there in years so I had to ask my dad (and Amie) for directions on how to get there.


Such a lovely place


Olympic sized pool. So many students!!


Paper boat! I got there late so I missed the first two events.


The last event was a bit boring so Beulah, Daisy, Kat and I decided to just explore the place and take pictures. I tried to take a lot for Beulah because dropped her camera minutes ago and it stopped working (eek!).

We found this cute bridge there


Beulah, Daisy and me


Beulah, Daisy and Kat


The three of them again


I wish they took better care of the place. It’s so nice up there, but so unkempt. Such a waste.


After exploring, we noticed that the students have started leaving, which meant that the event was over, so we headed back to the pool to wait for Amie.


Deformed girls (I used my wide angle lens that day)

Beulah wanted to go swimming, but it was too cold so she settled for taking pictures around the pool


Helping the janitor clean the pool, such a nice girl, haha


Kat and Jik


Amie and me, looking short.   I love my wide angle lens, but I hate that I look extra short (yes, I’m tiny, but not *that* tiny) and fat in some shots due to the distortion.


On the plus side, it can make me look taller at times too XD


Jik, Murz and Amie in their Physics shirts


I’m wearing black too!


Me with the Physics people behind me


Physics faculty (and me)


This was supposed to be a wacky shot, but we look too normal


Daisy and Beulah with Kuya Lou


We turned our guests into photographers, what terrible hosts we are, tsk tsk


Physics girls


Physics boys


walking back down to the car




I got left behind


Weeeee~ I love this shot


Amie took this while I was driving. I look so serious!


Girls in the backseat


We decided to take Daisy and Beulah to have lunch at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Bay:


Posing with the huge Maria Makiling statue in front


Since it was Beulah’s and Daisy’s first time there, I took pictures of them as they explored the place:


Beulah stealing fish from the fisherman


Washing hands with a half naked dude XD








Beulah with the restaurant owner’s dog


Ezra wanted to join us for lunch but she had a class that morning. She wanted to catch up with us at Palaisdaan but we were done eating by the time her class finished, so we just met up with her back at our house.

Ezra and me – back at home


Taught the girls how to play Band Hero (everyone kept making fun of Kat for constantly getting the lowest score, no matter what instrument she played – poor girl XD)

Amie and me


We also tried other games such as Cabela’s Big Game Hunter:

Beulah brutally killing mountain lions


Kat and Beulah playing Wii boxing while Amie and Daisy try to learn how to play the piano


Kat had to leave around 5pm so we dropped her off at grove. We were hungry again after playing wii so we had merienda at IRRI. Afterwards we headed back to campus to show the girls around.

Outside S.U.


It was getting a bit dark so we decided to go inside S.U. and play a round of duckpin bowling.

Beulah’s having so much fun


Everyone looks so confused, LOL. The machines were pretty unpredictable and we couldn’t get them to work at times. (I was actually surprised that the bowling alley is machine operated now. Back when I took bowling for PE class, the pins had to be placed manually by the people who ran the alley!)


Beulah, Daisy and Ezra keeping score


My turn!


After bowling we headed back to our house to grab some dinner. We wanted to play Wii again afterwards but it was getting late and the girls have to get up early the following day for church. I dropped them off after dinner at Amie’s place where they would be spending the night.   They left for Manila around lunch time the next day.

I had fun girls!

Beulah and Daisy:  dalaw ulit kayo LB ha! 😀


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