(EZRA) 13/52 : My Final Heaven

Ezra’s portrait last week.

I like how this shot turned out.

The candles gave us such a hard time!  They kept falling over, grrr.  Ezra had to stand very still for this shot.  (The flames are obviously photoshopped.  We didn’t want to risk Ezra accidentally setting herself on fire for this shot.)

The birds inside the cage are fake too.

Ezra’s description:


This shot was inspired by the Dutch metal/rock band “Within Temptation”.

This is one of the most difficult shoot we’ve  ever done because I couldn’t see at all (obviously), so my sister had to position me for the shot.  Plus the candles kept falling over so I wasn’t allowed to move so much.

I got the title from Tifa’s limit break in the RPG game Final Fantasy 7.

Thanks a lot to my sister for taking my picture, editing it and buying me this dress!


We were actually trying to recreate this album cover, but we had to work with what we have:


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