Week 13/52 : Despair

(Uploaded this on Flickr last Saturday, which explains why the description seems a bit outdated.)

I kinda like how this turned out, considering how this was a last minute thing. I’m just so uninspired this week! I didn’t have a clue what to do for my SP until about an hour ago. I had a bunch of random ideas in my mind, but nothing really stood out. Anyway, the week is almost done so I figured I should just get in front of the camera and start shooting.

This week was going well until yesterday. I can’t really write about it at the moment though. I just feel so powerless right now, like I have no control over my life. I hate this feeling T__T

On a happier note, I bought new shoes last weekend (the ones I’m wearing in this shot). Aren’t they cute? I love details. And those larger studs are actually little skulls. Pretty neat huh?



They were on sale.  Got them for only P1500+  (original price was P2200).


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