Dark Mahogany Brown

Darkened my hair again a few weeks ago.   The old dye was starting to fade and the roots were starting to show, so I had to do something about.

I used Revlon Colorsilk in Dark Mahogany Brown this time:

Before coloring:

I dyed my hair medium brown last December, but it  faded to a light brown after a few months

And after:

(Ezra calls this my creepy “innocent”  smile XD  I think she watches too many horror movies.)

Hello little paper crane

Ckloy helped me apply the dye this time.  He a good job except he got the color all over my back.  And neck.  And ears.  And his hands XD  (Peace baby, I love you!)

I’m still deciding on whether or not I should dye my hair black again.  In the meantime, I’m still enjoying having dark brown hair.


3 thoughts on “Dark Mahogany Brown

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  2. Does this go lighter?? It looks almost black on your after photo 😦 I have hair lighter than your hair in the before photo.. Like almost orange-ish yellow hair

    • The color fades to a lighter brown after a few washes. Every time I color my hair it comes out really dark but starts to lighten after about 2 weeks or so. But if you want something lighter, I suggest you try a different color. I used Dark Mahogany Brown, you might want to try the medium or light browns.

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