Happy Birthday Yamapi

Our dear Pi-chan turns 26 today~

I became a Yamapi fan back in October 2007 (yes, I remember the month and the year).  It was the end of the semester, I just finished computing my student’s grades and my sister dropped by my office.  She was hunting down her professors to find out what she got in her subjects but she learned that most of them wouldn’t arrive until the afternoon.  She didn’t want to go home and come back in a few hours so she asked me if she could watch Kurosagi on my laptop to pass the time.  I wasn’t really into Asian dramas back then, but it was my lunch break and I didn’t have anything to do so I said yes and watched with her.  Thus the start of my Yamapi (and J-dorama) obsession.

Here’s a mini picspam for the man who turned me into such a fangirl:



The famous Pi-pout



Looking so peaceful


That bone structure –  kyaaaaaaa~



Pi in glasses ❤






How can a guy have such a pretty face??








4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Yamapi

    • Haha, just trying to spread the love XD
      Actually, nung time nga na naging student ko kayo, medyo toned down na yung powerpoint slides ko. Nung pinaka first time ko naglecture ng Phys 3, sobrang high pa ako kay Yamapi kasi kakadiscover ko pa lang sa kanya. As in tinadtad ko ng picts nya yung mga lectures ko :))

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