Lazy Saturday + Ckloy’s new baby

(Old entry I keep forgetting to post.  It’s been sitting in my drafts folder for a while now.)

A couple of months ago, Ckloy bought a new camera.   He wasn’t sure what he wanted yet, so he asked me to come with him and help him choose.   The sales assistant at Canon (Megamall) was really nice and he answered all our questions about the different camera models they had available (and he wasn’t pushy at all unlike other SAs).  After thinking about it, we decided on the Canon EOS 550d.

Ckloy talking to Raffy (the sales assistant)


Ckloy testing his new camera out.  I was more than happy to be his first test subject XD  Isn’t the photo quality great?  This was shot using just the kit lens.


Ckloy looking so happy with his new techie baby


Aside from a few test shots taken at the store, we weren’t really able to play with his new camera since it was getting late and we both had to leave soon (I had to head back to LB while he had to stop by his office).  So we agreed that Ckloy would come over that weekend and we would go out and take photos.

I took him to Forestry, one of my favorite locations to shoot  in UPLB campus because it’s quiet, hidden and there’s plenty of privacy.   I took my camera and 50mm lens with me as well.



Ckloy shooting away




Unfortunately, just a few minutes after we arrived, some buses started pulling up next to us and dozens of kids started running around the area.  It turned out there was some sort of field trip happening there that day.  So much for privacy.


Bus with kids inside


Eventually it got too crowded so we decided to switch locations.   We headed up to UPCO where there were less people.    We stayed there for a while taking pictures (Ckloy helped me take my 4th SP for this year) then headed down to Freedom park.


Some pictures taken that day (most are from Ckloy’s camera):







Afterwards we grabbed some pizza for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon watching random stuff on tv and playing video games.

I love weekends.



4 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday + Ckloy’s new baby

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