(EZRA) 14/52 : Express yourself

Ezra’s portrait for last week.

Her description:
The spray paint is actually bug spray, hehe.  I got the idea from the ending sequence of the anime K-ON. I don’t watch the anime, but I saw the video while I was flipping through channels and I thought that it would be a cute shot.

I had a hard time in this shoot because it’s really difficult for me to visualize that I’m actually spray painting something.  I have a really weak imagination. My sister had to hold a CD case in front of my face just to get this shot.

Thanks a lot to my sister for taking my picture and editing it!

(She kept looking at the can’s nozzle, making her look cross eyed, and it didn’t look realistic when she looked straight to camera.  I told her to imagine a wall in front of her but for some reason she found that really hard.)


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