Happy birthday Aprille

It was Aprille’s birthday last Friday, but the girls and I were all busy that day so we didn’t get a chance to celebrate with her until yesterday.  I picked Brinks up from her house around 8:30pm and we headed over to Aprille’s to pick up the birthday girl.  We were hoping the the rest of the girls were available too (Camille, Moy and Ves), but they were all out of town so it was just the three of us.

We’ve all had dinner by then so we decided to just grab some dessert at Dairymoor.  (Its funny how this place has replaced Bonitos as our default barkada tambayan.)

Kup’s Patapon necklace.  I want one to!!!  She got it at the Ozine Fest last week.

With the birthday girl

We didn’t really do much except sit around and catch up on each other’s lives.  Nothing really interesting to write about so I’ll just spam this entry with photos we took last night.

I love Kup’s nails 😀

Aprille taught me how to change the saturation, tone, and contrast settings on my camera.  Yes, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve had my camera for 3 years and I’ve never discovered how to do this myself.  I always use the standard settings and correct the tones using Photoshop.

Anyway, I played around with different settings and came up with these:

Setting 1 (high saturation and high sharpness)

Setting 2 (high saturation – I think)

Setting 3 (low saturation, low contrast, low sharpness)

Setting 4 (low saturation and I altered the color tone) – Aprille likes this setting.

Setting 5 (monochrome)

Okay, enough pictures of Brinks XD

Its been a while since I wore these shoes

Brinks and her banana vanilla crepe

With my mango caramel crepe.  (I don’t know why Brinks and I are making pouty faces in front of our food…)

Aprille’s strawberry smoothie

She took the cream out cause she didn’t like it.  I stuck I french fry in it.  I don’t know why.

One last pict with the birthday girl to wrap this entry up:

(Belated) Happy Birthday Aprille!  Thanks for the treat.  Mwaaaaaaaah~


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