Thesis Proposal Defense : check

Amie and I can finally breathe a little easier because we survived our thesis topic proposal defense earlier this morning. We’ve been stressing out about it the entire week and it’s finally over. Hurray!

We’re also done with most of our experiments and all that’s left for us to do is characterize our samples, interpret the data and write our manuscript. We’ve been spending most of our time in the lab trying to finish doing our XRD analysis.  We’ve actually been sleeping there this past week T__T We still have about 20 hours of analysis left to do so we’ll probably be spending our entire weekend working again.

I forgot to take pictures during our defense this morning, so here’s a happy picture of Brinks and me wearing lab gowns. This was taken when she dropped by to visit me at the XRD lab about two months ago:

She stopped by the Ozine fest before coming to visit me and bought us matching mumu hair clips XD  Thanks kup!

Barkada meet up with Vesma and Jay

I apologize if my recent posts have mostly been fangirl-related.  It’s just that I’ve been spending most of my time in the lab doing my thesis, so I haven’t had the chance to write real entries.

Anyway, last weekend the girls and I met up at SM Calamba so Vesma could introduce us to her fiancee.   I wasn’t expecting to make it to our little get together since I had to do over time work at the lab, but surprisingly Ckloy and I actually arrived earlier than the LB girls.  Vesma and Jay were already there so we met up with them first and waited for the girls at the food court.  Apparently there was some sort of accident at Pansol which caused a lot of traffic.  They arrived about 30 minutes after I did.

(I stole these pictures from Ckloy’s camera since I didn’t bring mine that day XD)

With Aps and Kup


We were all starving by the time the girls arrived, but we couldn’t decide where we wanted to eat (as usual). We walked around while trying to decide on a place.

Vesma and Jay.  Sweetness ❤  I’ve only met Jay once before, during Vesma’s birthday party last year, but we didn’t really get a chance to talk back then.


Aprille got tired of walking and sat down one of the chairs outside The Old Spaghetti House, so we decided to just eat dinner there.


Waiting for their food.  Being stuck in traffic made them all very hungry.

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You’re Beautiful : Japanese version

It was announced earlier this week that a Japanese remake of the K-drama “You’re Beautiful” will be released this July 2011.  JE fangirls have been going wild with the news that the three ANJell members will be played by their beloved Johnny boys.  Tamamori Yuta will be playing Hwang Tae Kyung, Fujigaya Taisuke will play Kang Shin Woo and Yaotome Hikaru will take Jeremy’s role (I’m not sure what their Japanese names will be though).  The lead female role will be played by Takimoto Miori.

I’m pretty excited about the remake, but it’s making me a bit nervous as well.  This whole thing seems too familiar.  I remember how excited I was last year about the news that a Korean version of ISWAK was being made and that Kim Hyun Joong would take the male lead.  I waited for the show for months, but I just ended up being disappointed because the remake wasn’t as good as the Taiwanese version (in my opinion at least).  It was too bad because I really wanted it like it since I’m a big KHJ fangirl.  Anyway, “You’re Beautiful” is another one of my all-time favorite dramas, so I’m worried that the I wouldn’t enjoy the Japanese remake as much as I did the original.  But I sincerely hope that my predictions will be wrong and that the show will be a success, especially since I want the JE boys to do well.

There have been rumors that cameo offers have been made to the original Korean cast.  I really hope that they’re true 🙂


Banapple and my first Manila driving experience

A few days ago, Beulah got her own car.  (It’s actually her aunt’s, but she’s staying in the States so Beulah gets to drive it for now.)  She only learned how to drive this year so she’s still pretty nervous when she’s on the road.  The other night we decided to grab some dinner at Banapple in Katipunan Extension and we took Beulah’s car with us.  She drove on the way there but she asked me to drive us back since she wasn’t comfortable with making U-turns just yet.  I was a bit nervous since it was my first time driving in Manila and Beulah’s Mitsubishi RVR is a bit bigger than what I’m used to (I drive a Toyota Vios), but I agreed anyway.  Thankfully the roads were pretty empty at the time so it really wasn’t that much different from driving in LB.

Beulah driving carefully to Banapple

Lynne navigating


Yummy cakes and pies~

Beulah looking proud for getting us there safely

Amie, me and the waitress’ hand

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Park Shin Hye and Jung Yonghwa – together again!

They’re baaaaack~  I can’t wait!  “You’re Beautiful” was one of my favorite K-dramas  –  I loved the story, the characters and the whole A.N.Jell idea.   I know that it was just a made-up band for the show, but I truly wished that they were real because I loved them so much.  You can imagine my excitement when I heard that two A.N.Jell members will be acting together again in an upcoming drama.

Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye will be reunited and given a second chance at love in a new drama titled “You’ve Fallen For Me”.  (I’m not sure if that will be the final title, they’ve changed it a few times already.)    Many fans are happy that Yonghwa has gotten his first lead role.  I hope he’ll do well.  I loved him as Kang Shin Woo, and I became a bigger fan after seeing him appear in We Got Married and Running Man (as a guest).

“You’ve Fallen For me” is supposed to be a love story between two music students.  Jung Yonghwa will be playing Lee Shin – a band vocalist with a cold demeanor, and Park Shin Hye will take the role of Lee Kyu Won – a cheerful student studying traditional Korean music.  The two supposedly get into some kind of argument at first, causing them to strongly dislike each other, but they eventually end up falling in love.   Pretty common plot if you ask me, but hopefully the producers will add some new things to make it interesting.

I really hope this drama will be good and will meet the fans’ expectations.  I’ll definitely be watching out for it.  The pilot episode will air sometime around the end of June.

(EZRA) 16/52 : Happy Birthday to me!

This was shot on her birthday, but I kept forgetting to edit and post it since I’ve been so hooked on watching Secret Garden lately 🙂

Her description:


It was my birthday on the 18th and of course I picked an ube flavored birthday cake. I didn’t have a birthday party, but my family went to the mall to buy me a new cellphone. I haven’t changed my cellphone in about 6 years so I thought it’s time a bought a new one.

I love birthdays because it’s a day when everyone’s nice to you.

Thanks a lot to my sister for taking my picture and editing it!