Park Shin Hye and Jung Yonghwa – together again!

They’re baaaaack~  I can’t wait!  “You’re Beautiful” was one of my favorite K-dramas  –  I loved the story, the characters and the whole A.N.Jell idea.   I know that it was just a made-up band for the show, but I truly wished that they were real because I loved them so much.  You can imagine my excitement when I heard that two A.N.Jell members will be acting together again in an upcoming drama.

Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye will be reunited and given a second chance at love in a new drama titled “You’ve Fallen For Me”.  (I’m not sure if that will be the final title, they’ve changed it a few times already.)    Many fans are happy that Yonghwa has gotten his first lead role.  I hope he’ll do well.  I loved him as Kang Shin Woo, and I became a bigger fan after seeing him appear in We Got Married and Running Man (as a guest).

“You’ve Fallen For me” is supposed to be a love story between two music students.  Jung Yonghwa will be playing Lee Shin – a band vocalist with a cold demeanor, and Park Shin Hye will take the role of Lee Kyu Won – a cheerful student studying traditional Korean music.  The two supposedly get into some kind of argument at first, causing them to strongly dislike each other, but they eventually end up falling in love.   Pretty common plot if you ask me, but hopefully the producers will add some new things to make it interesting.

I really hope this drama will be good and will meet the fans’ expectations.  I’ll definitely be watching out for it.  The pilot episode will air sometime around the end of June.


7 thoughts on “Park Shin Hye and Jung Yonghwa – together again!

  1. OH MY!!can you please make a review on HEARTSTRINGS (“YOU’VE FALLEN FOR ME”)??i just finished watching it and DAMNN!!it was soooooo *kilig*..Their OSTs are also great that even made me download it on my phone!hahha

    • Hi there 😀 I haven’t seen Heartstrings yet, though I hear it’s really good. My friend gave me a copy and I definitely plan on watching it. I’ll probably write a review on it once I finish it 😀

  2. Hello there! I just finished watching Heartstrings last night and I was like OMG. Hope that it hasn’t ended yet. The show really caught my heart. I so love JUNG YONGHWA and PARK SHINHYE together!!! Heartstrings SEASON TWO!! please???

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