Banapple and my first Manila driving experience

A few days ago, Beulah got her own car.  (It’s actually her aunt’s, but she’s staying in the States so Beulah gets to drive it for now.)  She only learned how to drive this year so she’s still pretty nervous when she’s on the road.  The other night we decided to grab some dinner at Banapple in Katipunan Extension and we took Beulah’s car with us.  She drove on the way there but she asked me to drive us back since she wasn’t comfortable with making U-turns just yet.  I was a bit nervous since it was my first time driving in Manila and Beulah’s Mitsubishi RVR is a bit bigger than what I’m used to (I drive a Toyota Vios), but I agreed anyway.  Thankfully the roads were pretty empty at the time so it really wasn’t that much different from driving in LB.

Beulah driving carefully to Banapple

Lynne navigating


Yummy cakes and pies~

Beulah looking proud for getting us there safely

Amie, me and the waitress’ hand

It was my first time there and Lynne suggested that I try the Chicken Breast Parmigiano.  I’m glad I listened to her because it was REALLY good!~

Beulah with her Salpicao Rafael

Amie ordered the Pasta Verde, which was good too

Lynne attacking her plate of ribs.  I love how her expression matches her shirt, LOL

I also decided to try their Banoffee pie because Beulah claimed it was “heavenly”.

The famous Banoffee Pie.  Slices of banana with caramel, whipped cream and chocolate on a yummy crust.  *Drools*   I agree with Beulah, it was heavenly.

Overall I was pretty pleased with the food and service at Banapple.   I wish it was more accessible so I can eat there whenever I want.

Driving back to Xavierville

Amie and Beulah in the back seat.

Beulah transferred to the front seat when Lynne stepped out for a while to hand something to her boss.

What’s Beulah pointing to?

It’s a sunroof! 😀

After Lynne met her boss, I drove us back to my apartment and Beulah took over the wheel again.  The road back to her place was pretty straightforward from there and she was able to make it home safely as well.

Hooray for yummy pies and my first Manila driving experience 🙂


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