Thesis Proposal Defense : check

Amie and I can finally breathe a little easier because we survived our thesis topic proposal defense earlier this morning. We’ve been stressing out about it the entire week and it’s finally over. Hurray!

We’re also done with most of our experiments and all that’s left for us to do is characterize our samples, interpret the data and write our manuscript. We’ve been spending most of our time in the lab trying to finish doing our XRD analysis.  We’ve actually been sleeping there this past week T__T We still have about 20 hours of analysis left to do so we’ll probably be spending our entire weekend working again.

I forgot to take pictures during our defense this morning, so here’s a happy picture of Brinks and me wearing lab gowns. This was taken when she dropped by to visit me at the XRD lab about two months ago:

She stopped by the Ozine fest before coming to visit me and bought us matching mumu hair clips XD  Thanks kup!


2 thoughts on “Thesis Proposal Defense : check

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