Costco photobooks : Ezra’s and my 52-week project (2010)

Remember how I had my 52-week project for 2009 printed into a book?  I’ve been meaning to get the same thing done for Ezra’s and my 52-week project for 2010, but I didn’t get the chance to do so until a few weeks ago.

Back then, I used MyPublisher to print my photos, but my dad convinced me to try Costco Photo Center this time.  It’s much cheaper compared to MyPublisher and we’ve heard good things about it too.  The last time I had my 52-week project printed out, it cost me about $88 (plus tax), this time I only spent $44 for each book.  In terms of quality, the paper used in the MyPublisher book is a bit thicker but aside from that, there really isn’t that much of a difference.  Some of the colors in the Costco photobook looks a bit dull but that might be because I chose the Lustre print.  I’m not entirely sure if that’s the reason, but my dad had two photobooks printed out using Glossy and the colors came out really nice and vibrant.

The only thing I didn’t really like about Costco’s photobook is that it’s a bit difficult to arrange the pictures the way you want.  They do have a lot of layouts to choose from, but I didn’t really like most of them since they don’t give you that much freedom when it comes to arranging pictures and texts on the page.  To solve this, I did the layout for each individual page in Photoshop and uploaded those on the blank photobook pages.  It’s a bit tedious compared to MyPublisher, which is a lot easier to use.

One thing I like about having my photobook made in Costco is that you can choose to pick up the books yourself at your nearest Costco branch.  This way you get to save on shipping as well.  Pretty neat huh?  Of course we don’t have Costco here in the Philippines so we had my uncle pick our orders up for us.  He arrived here in the Philippines the other day for a short vacation and he bought our books with him 😀


I chose the largest photobook available (12×12 inches)

Costco now offers spine printing too 🙂


Inside my book:

Ezra said it was obvious which pictures were my favorites because I let them take up an entire page XD

Some acknowledgments on the last page:

Inside Ezra’s book:

She was really excited because it’s her first 52-week project

I made her write some acknowledgments too XD

Overall, Ezra and I are really happy with how the photobooks came out.  We’ll probably be using Costco photobooks again to print our 52-week projects for 2011 🙂

I should probably mention that Costco has teamed up with MyPublisher and they offer a 20% discount to their members.  But even with 20% off, the Costco photobooks are much cheaper, and for that price difference I think I would still choose the Costco photobooks in the future.


10 thoughts on “Costco photobooks : Ezra’s and my 52-week project (2010)

  1. do you know how long it took your uncle to get the book made? i’ve ordered one as well and it’s been 2 days and it still says “processing”

    • It took about 5 days before it was ready for pick up. I made the book on the site and ordered it on May 9. On May 14 I got an email from Costco saying it was available for pick up. My dad informed my uncle and he picked it up for us at the Costco near his house 🙂

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