(EZRA) 22/52 : Patience is a virtue

Ezra’s SP a few weeks ago. We’re falling a little behind on our 52-weeks, but we’re trying our best to catch up 🙂

I apologize if some parts are a bit blurry. We had to shoot this quickly because we didn’t know if we were allowed to take pictures in the building.   I was actually hiding in a secluded hallway when we shot this.   We heard voices and footsteps from the floor below us so we just took some quick shots and left.  We didn’t get to check the shots until after we got home.

Her description:


Classes are starting soon so it’s the start of registration period. The lines during registration are seriously always long. Sometimes I have to wait in line for hours.

Thanks a lot to my sister for taking my picture and editing it!


I hate waiting in line during registration too. When I paid my tuition fee this semester, I was in line by 7:30am and the queue was already the length of the entire building T__T


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