Week 22/52 : I’m not asleep… but that doesn’t mean I’m awake

I know, I just posted a portrait of me sleeping a couple weeks ago, but I’m already two weeks late on my 52-week project and this was the only thing I had time to shoot.

Anyway, I’m still extremely busy these days. I thought I would have more free time by now, but I guess I was wrong. Did you know that during the last week of May I only got to sleep on a bed twice? I slept on top of a table at our lab the rest of the week because I had to finish all my XRD analysis before June. So I guess this photo (which was supposed to be uploaded on the last week of May) is fitting.

Thanks to my mom for taking the picture~

PS. I love the quote in the title. It describes how I felt during the last weeks of May.


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