(EZRA) 23/52 : Only an idiot catches a cold in the summer

I’m sure a lot of people won’t be too happy with her title – including me! I’m down with the flu 😦 But then again, it’s the rainy season here already, summer’s over.

This photo is two weeks late. Again, I’ve been too busy so I haven’t had time to shoot, edit and upload photos 😦

Ezra’s description:


I really am sick in the picture. The weather has been really weird lately. There are days when it’s extremely hot and then it rains really hard then it gets really hot again. I’m not really good at adapting to the sudden changes in the weather so I got sick.

I got the title from an anime or manga which I don’t remember.

Thanks a lot to my sister for taking my picture and editing it!


*Someone on Flickr pointed out that it looks like she’s holding a pregnancy test XD  Just to be clear, it’s a digital thermometer*


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