PAASE 2011

Last week, Amie and I attended the 31st Annual PAASE (Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering) Meeting and Symposium. It was very different from my SPP experience last October, mainly because we didn’t know a lot of people at the event. We had a few friends who attended as well, but it wasn’t like last year’s SPP where most of our MSE friends were there to present their papers.

My name tag and conference kit

I’ve never really heard of the Annual PAASE Meeting and Symposium (APAMS) before this. It just so happened that my adviser was presenting his work there and he asked Amie and me to submit our preliminary thesis findings as well.  We didn’t really expect to get accepted since we submitted our abstracts a few days after the deadline.

APAMS Book of Abstracts, which contained:


Amie and I didn’t attend any of the discussions on the first day because I had the flu and needed to rest. We just showed up to register, attended the morning plenary sessions had some lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping at my apartment (well, Amie slept while I watched Three Idiots). We planned on just napping for a few hours and going back to NIP to attend the Fellowship Dinner, but we got lazy.  It was raining and we didn’t want to go out so decided to just open  up a can of tuna and had that for dinner.

Morning plenary session.  Look at all those people.  The speaker is the son of the founder of Pascual Laboratories, a well-known pharmaceutical company in the Philippines.  He gave a brief history of their company and how it grew over the years.   (I was pretty excited to hear him speak for the silly reason that I was taking their ASCOF Lagundi syrup at the time for my cough XD)

NIP Lobby where the lunch and fellowship dinner was held.  Pretty nice huh?  It looks like a setup for a wedding reception.

They changed color schemes everyday.  First day was yellow, second was peach and the third day was blue.

The second day of the APAMS was our poster presentation.

Next to my poster.  I wanted to add flowers and vector brushes, but my adviser wanted it too look professional, so I restrained myself.

With Beulah.  People kept teasing me because it’s supposed to be my thesis but the picture in the “methodology” part of my poster showed Beulah and Kuya Don doing the clay processing XD

Amie with her poster

Amie and Julie next to Julie’s poster

The four of us during lunch.  We escaped early to avoid waiting in line during the buffet, which explains why most of the seats are still empty XD

Julie, Amie and Beulah

With Julie and Amie

Some brochures and freebies we got from the sponsor booths at the conference on the 2nd day – cookies and a fan.  The Sigmatech guy was really nice.  We dropped by the booth again on the 3rd day (because Julie wanted a fan too – she wasn’t with us when we went the first time), and he gave us more cookies even though we told him that we already got some the day before.

BioMart Asia Inc were also giving away free products to participants who dropped by their booth.  I got a free foot sanitizer while Julie and Amie got free lotions.

We didn’t really have much to do on the 3rd day since our presentations were over.  I wanted to sleep in and arrive late, but Amie wanted to listen to the morning plenary session.  Later that afternoon, we attended our adviser’s presentation where he talked about his research involving clay minerals.

After our adviser’s presentation, Amie and I decided to leave the conference early because we had to go back to LB and we wanted to avoid traffic.   But before we left, we took some quick photos with Julie at the dining area first.

It’s a good thing Amie and I left early because it started to rain heavily that evening, which would have made commuting a lot more difficult.


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