Happy birthday Daddy!~

It’s my dad’s birthday today 😀  We celebrated it by having dinner at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.  My mom bought my dad his favorite Red Ribbon White Forest cake (the one in the picture) which we weren’t able to eat after dinner because we were too full.  We decided to just eat it tomorrow so we’ll be able to enjoy it.

Ezra and I didn’t know what to get my dad at first.  We were at TriNoma the other day looking for a suitable present, but we couldn’t find anything we liked.  Finally we decided to just buy him some angelfish since he loves them and he only had one left.  We went out earlier today to buy them from his favorite pet shop.

We bought 6 angelfish and placed them together with my dad’s goldfish.  He likes the ones with three colors (silver, orange and black).


We also bought a couple of black ones, just for variety.

Ezra and I are happy that he liked his present.  My mom loves them too, especially since we chose the biggest ones at the shop 😀

Happy birthday Daddy!  We love you~


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