Toycon 2011

Warning: another long and picture heavy post ahead XD

I’ve finally finished sorting the photos from Toycon 2011.  Ckloy and I took about 700 shots that day, and it took forever for me to go through all of them and pick out the ones I liked.

Anyway, about 2 weeks ago, I attended the 10th Philippine Toycon with Ezra, Ckloy and 4 cousins – 3 of which have never attended a cosplay event before, so they were pretty excited.  It was held at Megamall, as usual, at the Megatrade Halls.  My cousins arrived at our house early that morning so we could all go to Megamall together.

Quick shot of Ezra and me with our cousins (Deus, Gilbert and Viel) before leaving the house.  Ezra wore my mom’s white wig which she used for her Lady Gaga performance during last year’s Faculty Follies.

Vanity shot in the car.  I cosplayed as Ezra again, LOL.  Everything I’m wearing (except for the boots and the bag) are hers.

Ezra and Gilbert in the back seat

The five of us arrived at Megamall around eleven.  Normally there would be a long line for tickets around this time, but I guess most people have already gotten theirs because  there was no queue when we got there.  Even more surprising was the fact that it wasn’t that crowded inside the convention.  We figured that it must be because most people attend the Toycon on the first day (we went on the 2nd day).  Little did we know that it was going to get EXTREMELY crowded later that afternoon.  We went around the booths once then decided to grab some lunch first since there really wasn’t that much going on yet.

Of course we had lunch at Bubble Tea.  It’s become a Toycon tradition that we eat lunch at Bubble tea and dinner at Teriyaki Boy.

Raffy met up with us while we were having lunch.  It turned out that he’s been inside the convention since that morning, exploring the booths with his friends.  When we called to tell him that we were there as well, he decided to join us for lunch.  Ckloy arrived a short while later.

Ezra patiently waiting for her order

Deus was hungry and couldn’t wait for our food to arrive.  Just kidding.  I wanted to get a picture of him smiling, but every time I’d point the camera at him, he would frown.  It’s funny because in person he’s really all smiles.

Of course, he couldn’t hold the frown for long and I eventually managed to get this picture XD

They talked about their favorite anime shows over lunch.  I mostly listened since I don’t really watch that much anime these days so I didn’t have that much to say.

Group shot taken by Ckloy

After lunch, we headed back up to the convention and went around the booths again.  We mainly just looked at the different stuff they had for sale.  I bought some earrings and a necklace at one of the booths.

Ezra and me on the escalator, heading up to the 5th floor

Ckloy and me

The Toycon stage

Ckloy at the Wakuwaku booth (Raffy’s favorite anime store).  I think he was pointing to Luffy figurine that he wanted to see in this photo.

Ezra found a Sebastian action figure and was thinking about whether to buy it or not

Some adorable Angry Birds and Plants Vs. Zombies merchandise.  They’re so cute~

We found another booth selling PVZ toys, bigger ones this time.  (I love the bottom picture, the little girl is so adorable XD)

Ckloy took these shots of me while I looked at the accessories that were being sold there.  I guess my look of deep concentration amused him.  Hey, shopping is serious business XD

I got my revenge when we dropped by the Coke booth.  He spent so much time here looking at all the Coke memorabilia.  Which is funny because they basically displayed the same stuff last year, and he spent a lot of time looking at them back then as well.

Other interesting stuff we saw inside: JE and Kpop booths, lots of magazines and comics and collectible toys and figurines:

By this time, it was EXTREMELY crowded inside.  We kept getting separated by the hordes of con-goers.  Deus and Viel kept panicking whenever we couldn’t find a member of our group, but Ezra and I assured them that it happens to us all the time during these types of events and that we would always find each other in the end.  Pretty soon, we got tired of battling the crowd and decided to step out and get some pictures of the cosplayers roaming around the area.

On our way out of the convention we passed by the Harry Potter booth and posed with the random posters they had on display.  Here’s one of me and Voldemort.  I photoshopped it for fun:

What do you think?  Does it look like I’m being Avada Kedavra’d by Voldie? XD

We left the convention after this and hung around outside, where it was much less crowded.  Most of the cosplayers (especially the ones with really huge props and delicate costumes) actually prefer to stay outside the venue because there’s a smaller chance of someone accidentally stepping on their elaborate costumes.  The organizers even set up little sections outside the Megatrade Halls where cosplayers could gather and get their pictures taken.  We spent most of our time hanging out these areas, waiting for a chance to approach people and ask for their pictures.

Check out that crowd!

Ezra and I found a Squall cosplayer

We saw JM Chua there, cosplaying Saito Hajime!  We’ve seen him a lot in past cosplay events, but never in costume, he mostly attends as a photographer now.  It was so cool to see him in costume again.  The guy’s a legend in the cosplay community!

Ckloy got his picture taken with him as well

Ezra’s really been into Fairy Tail lately, so she was happy that she found some Fairy Tail cosplayers there:

She also found some Kuroshitsuji cosplayers:


and Sebastian

Ciel (female version)

I found a female Mario and Luigi

Ao no Exorcist cosplayers

Danbo!  I bet Brinky would love this costume XD

Danbo without his head and arms XD

Deus, Viel and Gilbert were so excited to see characters that they knew.  They got even more excited whenever we encountered a pretty cosplayer.  They were shy about asking them for pictures at first and satisfied with just looking from afar, but once they saw how friendly most of the cosplayers were, they were lining up to get their photos taken with them.

My cousin looks incredibly happy to be standing between two pretty blondes

This guy’s costume was awesome!  And he was really in character too.  It freaked me a out a little.

Viel is a big Domo fan, so he got really excited when he saw a pretty Domo cosplayer.  After this shot was taken he realized he should have worn his Domo beanie, so Ckloy chased after her to ask for another picture.

So much Domo!

Ckloy spent most of his time taking pictures of my cousins and me (thanks baby) but he also posed for a few photos as well

Deus couldn’t resist borrowing this huge axe from a cosplayer and posing with it.  It surprised him that many of the cosplayers were really nice and allowed people to pose with their props.  We know that a lot of work goes into making cosplay props and accessories, so we’re really grateful whenever someone lets us borrow them.

Like this guy.  Check out that sword (and that armor), it’s amazing!  It must have taken forever to make.  He was really nice and allowed us to carry his sword, but we found it that it was pretty heavy when we tried to lift it.  Ezra tried to carry it but staggered under its weight.  We didn’t want to risk damaging it so we decided it would be better if he held it instead and we just posed next to him.  In the end, only Deus had the guts (and strength?) to pose with it XD

I didn’t even bother trying to lift it.  I mean look at it, the thing’s bigger than me!

An adorable Wonder Woman cosplayer

Pretty girl who looks like a friend of ours.  Ezra loved her eye patch.

Gilbert had a funny story about this cosplayer.  He thought he was a girl XD  So when he approached him, Gilbert said “Ate, pwede papicture?” and the dude goes “Kuya ako” LOL.  I mean you can’t really blame my cousin, I thought he was a girl at first too.  He has such a pretty face!

Cute girls.  Ckloy found the girl in the blue cap really pretty so he waited for the chance to get a picture of her alone.

But then he changed his mind and decided that he wanted to be in the picture with her, LOL.

I love her costume and her tat

Shaman King cosplayer.  Ckloy was sad that he didn’t manage to get a picture taken with him because he left right after this was shot.

Spiky weapon!  I love his headband~

This guy asked for a picture with Ezra.  It was funny because he stood next to her and spread his arms out to pose for the picture, covering her entirely!  His friends had to tell him to move and face the other way so she could be seen in the photo XD

Ckloy enjoyed taking pictures of the pretty cosplayers, but he got the most excited when he saw this:

Shin chan!!!  He’s a huge fan of the show.   Ezra and I love this annoying little guy too XD

Ckloy and Shin chan

At around 6pm, we were exhausted and dehydrated.  We decided to head to the Food Court to grab some merienda and rest for a while.  (On the way there, Ckloy and I bought our couple rings XD.)  Our cousins wanted to go around the mall and look for shoes, but Ezra and I were too tired to go with them so we agreed to just meet up for dinner.  We broke our Toycon tradition of having dinner at Teriyaki Boy by decided to eat at Sbarro since our cousins had enough Japanese food during lunch and they wanted something different.

Walking to the food court.  Deus is so tall that he actually has to bend down a little just to hear what Ezra and I are saying XD

We spotted a pair of adorable Chobits cosplayers on the way and had our picture taken with them

Ckloy, Ezra and I rested at the food court and munched on some Pocky that we bought inside the Toycon.

About an hour later, we met up with the cousins at Sbarro for dinner.  Pizzaaaaaa~  Nom nom nom

Ckloy wasn’t in the mood for pizza so he ordered the baked zitti with meat sauce

I ordered the same thing, but with white sauce

After dinner, we had about an hour left before the time we told our driver we’d meet up with him, so we headed back up to the convention.  Thankfully it was much less crowded at this time, so we were able to go around the booths once more and take more pictures of the figures they had on display.  Also, since it’s the last day of the Toycon, most of the stuff they had were on sale.  Ezra managed to buy two Kuroshitsuji nendroids at about 30% off.

Deus challenged this dude to a staring contest.  He lost.

He went off to challenge Optimus Prime instead, but he could only see up to his chest

Gilbert only reached his waist

Ckloy and his traditional shot with the Toycon poster.  (Baby, I just remembered, we didn’t get to take your traditional garbage can picture this year~)

Deus decided it looked like fun and joined in XD

Group shot minus Ckloy, who took the picture.  (Raffy left the event around 4pm because he didn’t want to get stuck in traffic on the way home during rush hour.)

Beulah and Lynne were also Megamall that day to attend the Toycon, but they arrived quite late (thanks to traffic and long lines for parking).  In the end, they decided not to enter the event hall since it would be a waste of money to buy tickets and have to leave an hour later.  It’s a shame because there were so many cute accessories being sold inside that I’m sure Beulah would have loved.  But there’s always next year.  We just met up with them outside the Megatrade Hall before heading back home.

Outside the event hall.  We chatted for a while, but had to leave soon because the mall was closing and we had to meet our driver at 9pm.

I had a lot of fun at this year’s Toycon.  I’m so glad because it looks like it will be the only cosplay event I attend this year.  I skipped out on the Otaku Expo and Ozine Fest earlier this year because I was so busy with my thesis, but I there was no way Ezra and I would miss the Toycon.  I’m also really happy that my cousins enjoyed themselves too, especially since it’s their first time attending this kind of event.  On the way home, they couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had.  They’re already excited and planning for next year’s Toycon 😀  I can’t wait!


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