Hello Singapore + Dinner with Emiko

Last month, my aunt asked my parents for suggestions on where she can spend an affordable yet enjoyable vacation.  She’s already been to most of the tourist destinations here in the Philippines and decided that it was time for her to start exploring other Asian countries as well.  Our family’s been to Singapore a couple of times before and we’ve always loved it there, so we figured that was a good place to start.

My parents felt that they needed a break from work as well, so they decided they might as well make it a family vacation, hurray~

I was really excited about this trip for two reasons.  The first is that it’s been a while since I went on vacation with Ninang and Raffy. Our last trip together happened over 10 years ago, when they visited us in Myanmar and we went to Thailand together for some sightseeing. The second (and more exciting) reason is that this is the first vacation that Ckloy and I will spend together, booyakah! We’ve been a couple for almost 6 years, but we’ve never really had the chance to go on a trip together. We’re normally quite content with just spending our time at home, watching movies, playing games, etc. This was a great chance for us to do something different and enjoy ourselves.

Our flight was around 2 in the afternoon, so we left the house at around 9am. Tito Mar drove us to the airport.

Ezra and me in the car. Ckloy sat in the back next to our luggages since we didn’t have that much space XD

  At the airport with our bags. We bought Lety’s buko pie on the way to the airport to give to Ate She and Tito Raffy (not to be confused with my cousin Raffy. The Garcia family likes to recycle names for some reason. We have 3 Esperanzas in the family – Ezra’s one of them – and I have a distant aunt with the same name as me as well.)


Garcia girls

Bobble head shot XD

 Ckloy with my mom’s and his luggage, heading over to the check in counter

Filling out my departure card.  I look so serious.  Ezra’s trying to bribe me to fill hers out as well.

Ckloy looks pleased with his card

Ninang and Raffy arrived a while later, so we waited for them at the sides while they checked in.

Filling out their forms

We took pictures to pass the time:

Looking innocent as we tried to shove each other out of the picture


Ezra spent most of her time bullying Ckloy and trying to annoy him by making faces. He found a great solution to this however. He learned that all he had to do was point a camera at her face and she’d turn back into a sweet *cough* and innocent *cough cough* angel *achoo*.

 But I did manage to get this shot of her in action, LOL:

Still trying to look sweet as she taunted my poor boyfriend.  Ckloy just laughs helplessly XD

Ezra left Ckloy alone after a while and proceeded to annoying Raffy instead. Ckloy tried to help Raffy out by distracting Ezra with cameras, which sort of worked again. Here she is looking innocent again as she tortured Raffy.


 Raffy’s expression, LOL. I love how she still has her evil grasp on his jacket while she poses for the camera.

Super close up shot that Ckloy took of me


 Group shot after we’ve all checked in. I’m tiny, I know.

We grabbed some lunch at the airport since it won’t be served on our flight.

Guarding the buko pies while the others buy drinks

A stolen moment of Ezra’s bullying again

Finally it was time for us to board the plane.

Ckloy looking excited

Raffy didn’t seem too happy with the seating arrangements, LOL

I was originally supposed to sit with Ezra and Raffy while Ckloy sat alone in the row in front. (It was a small plane so one row consisted of only 6 seats.  There were 7 of us, so one of us always had to sit in a separate row.) Fortunately, there were a lot of empty seats on our flight, including the one next to Ckloy, so I transferred there first chance I got.

Ckloy and me

Ckloy spent most of his time looking at the clouds outside his window while I napped.  I woke up about an hour into the flight, feeling hungry.  My mom handed me some junk food that she brought along with her.

Me with a very fat pack of Chicharon. The low pressure in the cabin made it puff

Ckloy took this shot. I love clouds 😀

Another shot that Ckloy took from our window

After about 3 1/2 hours, we arrived in Singapore 😀

Excited tourists at the airport XD

Mirror shot of Ezra and me in the bathroom while we freshened up

The lines at the airport were pretty short so it took us less than an hour to pass through immigration and collect our bagages.

Ezra used the phone at the airport to call Emiko (a classmate back in ISY) to inform her that we’ve arrived.

Ckloy and I got bored, so we made imaginary phone calls while waiting XD

Ckloy’s calling his (imaginary) hot super model female friend, LOL. (He kept insisting that if I hadn’t gone and grabbed the empty seat next to him on the plane he could have gotten the chance to sit next to some supermodel. The high altitude made him a bit crazy I think XD)

I pretended to be a lost tourist who didn’t know where I to go upon arriving and was seeking the help of some friends whose number I had written down for such a scenario. Yes, the high altitude got to me as well.

Ckloy checking out the brochures at the airport while we waited for our parents to exchange money.

Since he wasn’t able to take his traditional garbage can shot at the Toycon this year, he made it his quest to take pictures next to interesting garbage bins around the city XD This one wasn’t that interesting, but it’s the first one we saw.

Ezra and Raffy. Look how red Ezra’s eyes got during the flight. We’re not sure what happened, maybe it was because she fell asleep or they got irritated due to the dry air in the cabin, but they stayed like that for about an hour before they went back to normal. Raffy and Ckloy spent the entire time singing “Because I Got High”, to get back at her for annoying them earlier that day.

After exchanging money, we rented a shuttle at the airport to take us to our hotel.

Inside the bus.

Raffy and Ckloy sat in the back

Ckloy took this from his seat.  I love it 😀

View from my window

We arrived at our hotel about 20 minutes later

It took a while for us to check in because there were so many of us. Raffy, Ckloy and I got bored and explored the place a bit. Somehow, one of us came up with the clever idea of having our pictures taken at each floor of the hotel. We decided to do it next to the signs that indicate the floor that we’re on.

I’m included in the picture too in case you didn’t notice.  You can (sorta) see my reflection between Ckloy and Raffy, LOL.  We started out at the top and worked out way down. Ckloy and Raffy got crazier ever step of the way. Thank goodness the hotel only had 10 floors XD

Posing for pictures and riding the elevator wore the boys out, so we headed to our room to rest after the last shot.  Ezra’s friend, Emiko, arrived about an hour later to pick us up for dinner.  She showed us around the area while we tried to decide where we wanted to eat.

It’s been about 10 years since the two of them last saw each other, so Ezra was really excited. They were good friends back in ISY. Can you believe that they used to be the same height?? Emiko grew so much since we last saw her. She’s so tall!

After walking around for a bit, we decided to have dinner at Plaza Singapura.

Ckloy and Raffy.  Waiting for the light to change so we can cross the street.


Ckloy and I inside Plaza Singapura

We had dinner at the food court, where we spent most of our time catching up with Emiko and asking her about her experiences as a model. Ezra and I love watching ANTM, so we asked her if those things really happen IRL. Emiko was a contestant on the second season of SupermodelMe, which is like an Asian version of Top Model, so she could relate to some of the girls on ANTM.  It was really interesting to hear her stories about her life as a model.  Ezra and I wish that the show aired here in the Philippines so we could watch it too, but unfortunately it doesn’t 😦

I did manage to find this on the internet though. That’s Emiko standing on the far right, wearing the beige jacket and looking so fierce 🙂

After dinner, Ezra said she wanted to go someplace high where we can see the city lights, so Emiko took us to Orchard Central.

On the way there, we passed by some very interesting shops:

There were a lot of them in the area, LOL

After a short walk, we reached Orchard Central and took the long escalators up to the rooftop.

View from the top.  I wish I took a better shot, but it was dark and all my pictures turned out blurry except for this one.

Ckloy and the city lights

Emiko, Ezra and me

We admired the view a bit then we had to head back to our hotel.  We couldn’t stay out that late since Emiko had work the next morning. She dropped us back at the hotel around 11pm

One last shot at the hotel lobby before Emiko left us. (Thanks for showing us around Emiko! It was great seeing you again~  Say hi to your mom for us :D)

When we got back to our room, we found that our parents haven’t returned from dinner yet, so we decided to grab some dessert from the Kopitiam across the street.  Ckloy wanted to see if Singaporean beer tasted different from the ones back home so he bought this:

Raffy and Ckloy said it tasted pretty much like the beers we have in the Philippines. I don’t drink beer (I find it too bitter) and I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference anyway so I didn’t bother tasting it. Ezra and I just had ice kachaang for dessert.

We still had loads energy after this, but we had a lot of sight seeing to do the next day so we decided that we should probably get some rest. We went back to the hotel just before midnight, showered and went to bed.

That’s it for this entry, I’ll post the rest of the pictures once I finish sorting them.  There’s a lot so it’ll probably take a while.  I have pictures from my two cameras, Ckloy’s and 2 more cameras from my dad. It’s taking me a while to get the pictures organized, but hopefully I’ll be able to post them soon.


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