(EZRA) 28/52 : Butterflies

Ezra and I are so behind on our 52-week projects!  Our family went on a week-long vacation around mid July, then when we came back I had to go out of town again for my thesis.  We haven’t had time to shoot properly.  Busy busy busy~

Anyway, this was shot around the 2nd week of July, but I didn’t get to edit it until much later.

Hair and glitter brushes are from redheadstock.deviantart.com
Butterflies are from shoofly-stock.deviantart.com

(Ezra’s complaining that I put a moth in her hair.  I didn’t realize it was a moth until she pointed it out, I thought they were all butterflies, LOL)

Ezra’s description:
I’ve always wanted to do an SP shot with lots of butterflies so I’m glad I finally did it.

I had a hard time in this shoot because my hair is really long and heavy.  It was so difficult to get it to flow the way I wanted, even with a fan in front of my face.  Eventually my sister decided to just use photoshop brushes.

I got the title from a quote by Drew Barrymore and I really like it because I can completely relate to it.


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