More pictures from our Singapore trip 🙂

The 2nd day of our vacation was spent exploring Sentosa, a small island south of Singapore. It’s also one of the country’s largest tourist attraction. There are beaches, cable cars, shows, animal encounters, etc. This was actually my 3rd visit to Sentosa so I wasn’t super excited, but I still looked forward to it. (My first time was with Amie, Hahriz and my mom after we escaped from the conference we were supposed to be attending, and my 2nd visit was with my parents and Ezra, during a family vacation.)

There are many ways to get to Sentosa from our hotel.  We decided to go by taking a train to Vivo City and walking the rest of the way.

Entering Dhoby Ghaut station

Group shot inside

I love their ticket machines

We found Marymount on the map, LOL

Bobble head shot XD

This should give you an idea of how tall I am

We had an interesting experience at the train station. While we were going down the escalator which would take us to the platform, our train arrived. By the time we reached the bottom, the light started to flash which meant that the door would close soon. My dad and aunt were in front of us and so they managed to get inside the train. But at the last second, my dad realized that the rest of us wouldn’t be able to make it so he stepped out (he even got caught on the train doors on his way out). This meant that my aunt was left on the train all alone. We stood frozen on the platform and watched the train leave with my aunt inside, looking horrified. It was only our 2nd day in Singapore and already we got separated. What’s worse is that my mom told her that Harbour Front was only 2 stations away from Dhoby Ghaut, when it was actually 4 stations. It’s a good thing that my aunt was paying attention when we mentioned we were headed and managed to get off at the right one. We were panicking at the time, but now it seems pretty funny when I think about it. At least this way she’ll always have an interesting story to tell whenever someone asks her about her first train ride in Singapore 🙂

After a few seconds of panic, we managed to calm ourselves down and waited patiently for the next train (I mean what else can we do right?). It arrived about 5 minutes later and we were all able to get on safely this time.

Paparazzi shot that my dad took of me and Ckloy. I love it 😀

Non-paparazzi shot which I took.  (We transferred to a seat closer to my parents at the next station.)

Four stations later, we got off and found my aunt sitting down on a bench waiting for us.

Laughing with relief after being reunited with the rest of the group again, LOL

While walking to Vivo City Mall, Ckloy found Kurt’s doppleganger posing for Disney:

Ezra looks so happy

A short walk later, we arrived at the Sentosa boardwalk:

Sentosa from afar

Nya! (My baby’s so cute <3)

Getting closer

It took us about 10 to 15 minutes (with the help of the walkalators) to get to Sentosa

We’re here!

Map of Sentosa at the entrance

We went inside the customer information center first to look at the maps and to plan our day. Our parents asked the staff for the show times in the park while we relaxed in front of the AC. The heat was killer that day~ It was only about 11am and we were already drained. I actually wouldn’t have minded having to stay in the information center the rest of the day, at least until sundown.

Ckloy holding up a chocolate bar which has turned to chocolate syrup thanks to the heat

Emo shot that Ckloy took of me.

We found this cave thing nearby. It would have been a cool place for a quick shoot, but we had to rush if we wanted to make the most of our day:

Oh noes~ My hand ish shtuck~

Ckloy looking extra macho XD

Admiring the view?

My pogi chauffer has come to pick me up, j/k

Ckloy wanted to pose on the barrel but discovered that it was scorching hot and got off quickly

With the Sentosa Merlion

We found this interesting trash bin there for Ckloy’s quest XD

Since Sentosa’s really big, walking from one attraction to another can take a long time. Fortunately, they have these trams/shuttles that you can ride around for free:

Inside the tram. I’m smiling, but everyone else looks so serious and unhappy. We were all hungry by this time, so we were a little grumpy. The heat didn’t help either.

We got off at Palawan Beach and grabbed some lunch at the food court, which was thankfully airconditioned.

Ckloy had the crispy duck noodles.  Yum~I had duck rice, my favorite 😀

After eating, we ordered dessert to help us cool off even more.

Ckloy told Ezra and me to look kawawa and pretend like we didn’t have money to buy dessert XD (In reality we were waiting for the lady behind the counter to finish making our ice kachaang.)

Ice kachaang!! Yum yum yum~

We were in much better moods after having our tummies filled and so we braved the heat once more and walked on the beach for a bit.

Ckloy and Raffy fooling around with the lifesaver and warning signs

We got to the hanging bridge and decided to cross it

I tried to take pictures, but it was difficult because Ckloy, Raffy and Ninang (yes, even my aunt) kept jumping on the bridge, which made the entire thing shake terribly. My mom found it scary, but Ezra and I had fun walking and pretending we were drunk XD

Crossing the bridge would supposedly take you to Asia’s closest point to the Equator. I checked online and apparently this isn’t really true. There’s a sign there which claims that this place is the “southern most point of continental Asia”, but according to Wikipedia:

“inspection of any map, even those on Sentosa, show that this cannot be the case.”

Obviously we didn’t know that at the time, so here we are posing happily next to the sign:

Southern most point or not, the place was lovely. There were two viewing towers which lets you see the beauty of the island, as well as the South China Sea.  We took a bunch of photos of course. Here’s one of Ckloy looking cho kyot~

“Look baby~ It’s the South China Sea!” XD

We climbed up the viewing towers to enjoy the breeze and the sights.

Raffy, Ezra, my mom and Ninang looking at peace with the world

Another emo shot of me which Ckloy took

Afterwards we headed over to the Merlion Walk (I’m not sure if that’s the proper name for it, I can’t really remember) to see the long pond leading to the Merlion’s back.

Ckloy peed in the fountain for good luck. Just kidding XD

We walked around for a bit, then we bought tickets for the Luge and Skyride. My parents decided to sit this one out since we’ve tried it on our last visit, but Ezra and I wanted to experience it again. I didn’t get to take that many pictures since I didn’t want to risk dropping my camera, but here’s one of Ninang and Raffy on the skyride:

And here’s a picture of Ezra’s, Ckloy’s and my feet as we went up:

Once we reached the top, we borrowed some helmets and queued up for the Luge.

Ckloy and me with our helmets on.

We took the luge back down then headed over to Siloso beach because Ezra wanted to try the zipline. But when we got there, no one wanted to go with her, so she backed out. Ckloy and I just took pictures at the entrance:

Don’t we look dashing~

We soon realized that we were hungry again, so we decided to have merienda before heading off to Songs of the Sea. We were too lazy to head back to the foodcourt in Palawan Beach, so we looked for someplace nearer to eat. Guess where we ended up:

Paparapapa~ Love ko to’

After eating, it was almost time for the Songs of the Sea show to begin, so we made our way to the viewing gallery to grab good seats.

Ckloy and me at the entrance

The stage

The sun started to set as we waited for the show to start

It’s starting!

Pretty lights!

After the show, there really wasn’t that much left to do anymore.  Plus, we were all really tired after walking in the heat the entire day, so we decided to just head back to our hotel.  We took the monorail to Vivo City this time instead of walking across the Sentosa Boardwalk.  Then from there we took the train back to Dhoby Ghaut station and walked back to the hotel.  We were pretty much on the verge of collapsing by this time, but we decided to have dinner first at the Kopitiam across the street from our hotel.  After inhaling our food, we headed back to our rooms, showered and fell asleep.  Zzzz~

That’s it for Day 2 of our Singapore adventure.  I’ll be posting Day 3 as soon as I finish editing the pictures 😀


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