Congratulations + Happy Birthday Doctor Camille!

(Meant to post this last week, but hey~  Better late than never right?)

One of my dearest friends is now a doctor!  A full-pledged doctor!  She took her licensure exam about two weeks ago and the results were released a few days later.  She made it!  Booyakah!  I’m so proud of her 😀

I was actually with her when she received the news.  Waiting for the results made her a bit antsy, so I invited her to the mall where we can try to relax.  I had just submitted the first draft of my thesis earlier that day to my adviser, so I wanted to unwind as well.  Right before we left, I checked online if the results had been posted, but I only found the list of passers from the previous year.  (I sort of panicked for a while because I thought I was looking at the results already and I couldn’t find Camille’s name.  It took me a few seconds before I noticed that the list I was looking at was a year old.)

Anyway, I picked her up and we headed off to SM Calamba.  On the way there, her friend called to tell her that the top schools had already been posted, which meant that the results will definitely be out soon.  We waited for more calls from her friends to update us on what was happening, but unfortunately, her phone ran out of battery.  T___T

We got to the mall and went to the supermarket to pick some stuff up for my parents first.  We were by the milk aisle when I received a text message from Aprille informing me that the results had been posted and that Camille had passed!!!   I was so excited that I couldn’t speak so I just shoved my phone in Camille’s hands so she could read the message herself.  She was speechless for a few seconds before she started yelling “omigod omigod omigod” and jumping up and down right there next to the boxes of milk.   We called Aprille and she told us that she had been trying to get hold of Camille for the past few minutes but couldn’t get through because her phone was turned off.  Luckily she remembered that we were together so she contacted me instead.  I let Camille borrow my phone after that so she could call her family and friends and tell them the good news.

The best part of the story is that this happened on a Wednesday, and the upcoming Saturday was Camille’s birthday.  She said it was the best gift ever.  I have to agree 😀

Aprille met up with us later that evening (after she got off from work) to congratulate Camille personally.  We were having dessert at White Hat when she arrived.

Me with my doctor buddy 🙂

Aprille and Jay arrived a while later

We wanted to celebrate right then, but it was late and the mall was closing already.  Besides, Camille’s parents were really excited to have their daughter back to tell her that they were extremely proud of her, so we decided to head home and postpone the celebration until Camille’s birthday, where she had a little get together at her place.

Camille’s birthday cake

Camille wanted 26 candles on her cake.  It took her and Migs a few minutes (and a lot of burnt fingers) to light them all

So pretty~

Congratulations and happy birthday Camille!  We’re so proud of you~

(That last picture was taken by Migs.  I stole it from Camille’s FB page XD)

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