Early birthday loot : Korean Makeup (Tony Moly, Etude House, Missha)

I was originally going to call this entry “Pasalubong from Korea III”, but since most of these are birthday presents, I decided to just call it my birthday loot XD

My parents went to Korea again for another workshop and they asked Ezra and me what we wanted for pasalubong.  We normally ask for just one of two items (one from each of them), but my mom told me that since my birthday was coming up, I might as well make a list of all the stuff I want.  Booyakah!  It just so happened that I was at Tony Moly for the first time a few weeks ago and I found a bunch of stuff I liked.  I didn’t have that much cash to spare at the time so I walked out without buying anything.  This turned out to be a good thing after all because I ended up getting these items without having to pay for them.  I love birthdays XD

The Tony Moly products came in this adorable paper bag with Joong Ki and Ga In

From L-R : Cotton pads (freebie), Simply Style Makeup Eraser pen (one for Ezra and me), Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack (Ezra and I both got one of these too), Baby Doll Pot Concealer, Baby Doll BB Foundation, Peach anti-aging hand cream and a Vitamin face mask (freebie).

I haven’t tried any of them yet since I just got them last night, so I can’t say if they’re good.  But based on reviews I’ve read online, I should be happy with them.  Ezra and I were at Megamall last weekend and we dropped by the Tony Moly there to test them but they were all out of stock.  I guess that shows how popular they are.  I can’t wait to try them.  I opened the peach hand cream last night just to see how it smelled – it was heavenly!  (I have another peach hand cream from Etude House which also smells good, but nowhere near this one.)

Our parents also stopped by Etude House since Ezra wanted a couple of stuff there.  I asked for a conditioner and their cake perfume, but they were both out of stock T__T  I guess I’ll buy them from the Etude House in Megamall when I get the chance.

From Etude House (most of these are Ezra’s) : Moistfull Collagen (I’m not too sure what this is, it was a freebie), Proof 10 Liquid Liner, Precious Mineral BB Cream, BB Magic Cream with SPF 30 (this one’s for Brinks) and some pearl extract masks

I also asked them to get me another tube of the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream:

I still have a lot of this left (it was what they got me for pasalubong last time) but since this will probably be their last trip to Korea in a while, I figured I might as well ask them to get me one.  It’s only 14USD in Korea, which is about 590PHP.  I checked at the Missha store in SM North and this is being sold here in the Philippines for 1600PHP!  Crazy!!  The Etude House and Tony Moly products are cheaper in Korea of course, but not by this much!

Aside from makeup, my parents brought back so much food that they know we love.  I’ve been trying to stop myself from pigging out since this morning.  Let’s see how long I can last 😀

Thanks Mom and Dad for the wonderful presents~  This is your last work-related trip to Korea  (at least in the upcoming future), but I hope next time you’ll be able to take Ezra and me along with you.  Summer vacation 2012?  *hint* *hint*


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