Birthday Lunch

It was my birthday yesterday and I was craving Japanese food, so my family and I went out to have lunch at Teriyaki Boy.  We could have gone to the one in Festival Mall, which was nearer, but Otaku Fest was happening at Megamall so we chose to go there instead.  That way Ezra and I can drop by the event after lunch while my parents shopped around.

I’ll post a separate entry about the Otaku Expo later, so here are some shots I took during lunch.  It’s mostly pictures of food though XD

Teriyaki Boy menu.  Ezra loves the western makis

Taking pictures because we’re done choosing our food

We’ve eaten at Teriyaki Boy so many times before, you would think that we’d know what we want to eat as soon as we walk in, but it still takes us forever to order.  Ezra and I usually just order our favorites, but my parents always want to try something new so they take forever to decide on what they want XD

Teriyaki Boy chicken.  My dad loves this.


California Maki

Kani salad.  I think I had an allergic reaction to this yesterday.  I used to be terribly allergic to crab when I was younger, but I sorta outgrew it over the years.  So I didn’t think twice about ordering this, especially since I’ve eaten it many times before with no problems.  But by the end of yesterday’s lunch, my lips were extremely itchy O_o  I guess I should just be thankful they didn’t swell up.

Philadelphia cheese roll

Sukiyaki – because according to my mom, one should always eat some sort of noodles on your birthday.  She said something about Chinese beliefs and the symbol of long life.  I love noodles anyway so I have no problem with that 😀

After eating, my parents went to Greenhills to go shopping while Ezra and I went up to attend the Otaku Expo on the 5th floor.  I’ll blog more about that some other time, after I finish organizing the pictures.

Birthday flowers from my sweetie ❤

So pretty!  I’ve never seen roses this big before.  Thanks baby!


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