Medium Ash Brown

It’s been about 5 months since I last colored my hair, so you can imagine how bad the roots are:

Look, they almost reach my ears!

The reason it got this bad was because I had my hair rebonded a few months ago.  It left my hair a bit dry and damaged, so I wanted to give my strands a bit of a rest before subjecting them to more chemicals.   Also, the last color I used was a really dark shade of brown, so the black roots weren’t that obvious at first.  But through time, the color faded to a lighter and more reddish brown which made the roots a lot more noticeable.

I was thinking of using a really light brown to dye my hair this time but I realized that darker hair is easier to maintain (looks healthier and the black roots are not immediately obvious) so I just went with medium brown.

Medium ash brown to be more specific.  I used dark mahogany brown last time, so this is still a lighter brown.

While I was applying the dye, I noticed that the cream looked really purple.  When I colored my hair in the past, the cream usually looked similar as the color on the box.  It worried me a bit because I thought that there might have been a mixup at the factory and I somehow ended up with purple dye.  (It worried my mom too because I applied some of the leftover on her gray hairs XD)  And it didn’t help that when I washed my hair after about an hour, the water turned a deep shade of purple.  But I guess that’s just how the dye works because I still ended up with brown hair.  Phew~

The results:

No more black roots!

Although this dye is supposed to be lighter than my previous one, my hair ended up darker than it was before coloring.  But that’s only because the color lightens after a while.

I’ve colored my hair a number of times in the past, and I’m beginning to forget the shades I used, so I’ll list them down here just for reference:

  1. L’oreal Majilift – I forgot what shade, but it was the lightest one available I think.  This was the only time I had my hair colored professionally (because it was my first time)
  2. Revlon Colorsilk – Light reddish brown
  3. Revlon Colorsilk – Light reddish brown
  4. Revlon Colorsilk – Light golden brown
  5. Revlon Colorsilk – Medium brown
  6. Revlon Colorsilk – Dark mahogany brown
  7. Revlon Colorsilk – Medium ash brown

(This blog wasn’t alive yet when I first had my hair colored so I wasn’t able to document the process)

You can tell that I’m a fan of the Revlon Colorsilk kits.  It’s what Aprille suggested so I’ve been using it ever since my first DIY hair coloring job.  I’ve never tried any other DIY brands since I see no reason to.  I’m perfectly happy with the Revlon Colorsilk dyes for now.

Happy root-free bunny!


2 thoughts on “Medium Ash Brown

  1. Hi! Your hair looks kinda red after you dyed it ash brown? Is that really the color or is it just the camera?
    I have dark hair(brown in some parts), I was thinking of coloring it ash brown but I heard that it wont have much effect on dark hair. I also heard that if I want to lighten my hair, I have to use ash blonde. Any advice?

    • It might partly be because of the camera and lighting, but my hair tends to get a bit brassy when I use brown. I was hoping that using ash brown would help (and it did a bit) but it still turned out a little reddish. I think professional salons add something to the dye if you want to avoid brassiness.

      When I first colored my hair, I had it professionally done. I asked the stylist to color my hair brown, but she used blonde dye on me because (like you said) brown won’t have much effect on dark hair. If you want the change to be noticeable, it’s better to go with blonde. It will still turn out brown, but lighter. Here’s how my hair looked when the stylist dyed it blonde :

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