Walking around Singapore : Orchard Road, Merlion and Marina Bay Sands

The original plan for our 3rd day in Singapore was to visit the Singapore Zoo, but after walking around Sentosa in the scorching heat the previous day, we decided to skip that and just spend the day leisurely exploring the city instead. That’s not to say that we didn’t do any walking this day – in fact we did a lot, but when it got too hot we would take a break and go indoors to cool ourselves down.

We spent most of our morning exploring Orchard Road. On our first night in the city, we saw a Dr. Martens shop at Orchard Central.  We were focused on sightseeing rather than shopping back then, so we didn’t go in.  Ezra had been regretting it since she had been looking for a pair of white Dr. Martens for a while now, so she asked if we could go back to the store and check it out.

Walking along Orchard Road. Ckloy’s camera shy XD

We passed by a couple of these shops again, lol

A sign inside the Dr. Marten’s store

Ezra wearing her new babies

Ckloy’s parody version, LOL

Ezra is not amused

We passed by these cute robot thingies on the side of the road

At around 12, we met up with my dad at Dhoby Gaut station. He asked to stay at the hotel to rest since he didn’t feel like walking around Orchard Road with us. It took us a while to find each other though. When we passed by Dhoby Gaut station from the hotel, we counted  2 entrances accessible from Orchard Road, but I guess we missed one because it turned out that there were 3 of them. We agreed to meet at the first entrance nearest our hotel at 12, so after passing one entrance on the way back from Orchard Central, we sat down to wait for my dad at the 2nd entrance. While my dad was waiting for us at entrance #1, we were all waiting for him at entrance #2.  After about 30 minutes, my mom decided to check if there was another entrance that we missed, and found my dad at the first entrance waiting for us. Luckily, he wasn’t too mad about our little mix up. It turned out that while we were out buying Ezra’s shoes, he went on a little adventure himself and bought a new camera. He had been too busy exploring the features of his new techie baby to notice that we were all extremely late. Phew~

We went inside the station and took a train to Vivo City so we could grab lunch at the Food City there.

A shot of Ezra and Ckloy pushing each other away from the ticket vending machine. They both wanted to press the buttons and get the tickets, which resulted in the machine freezing up. I think all their button mashing confused it.  It stopped working and issued us a receipt which stated how much money we had put in so far. We had to go to the person at the ticket counter to get our money back before we could attempt to buy tickets again.

After a quick train ride and a short walk, we arrived at the Food Republic in Vivo City. we love how the Food Republics in Singapore are designed with some sort of theme in mind. The one in Vivo City is decorated liked old China.

I love the pretty lanterns

They placed old doors and window frames on the wall for decoration. It looks messy in this picture but it’s awesome IRL.

The food court was pretty big so we spent some time walking around before deciding what we wanted to eat

Ezra and I shared a bowl of noodles

Ckloy had this bread/nan that you dip in some curry-like thing. I forgot what this was called, but it’s yummeh!

Selfcam while waiting for the others to get their food

After lunch, we walked around the mall for a bit to help us digest a bit.

Model Ckloy XD

We found Etude House and decided to check it out. We didn’t buy anything because everything was so expensive there! (I mean if you compare it to the prices in the Philippines.) I think their BB creams were priced 3 times as much as the shops here.

We walked around the mall for about an hour before we realized we were all still extremely tired from our Sentosa adventure, so we decided to head back to the hotel and grab a quick nap.

After resting for about two hours, we headed out to the Merlion Park where we were supposed to meet my Uncle Raffy for dinner. We left the hotel earlier because we wanted to stop by the Esplanade and take pictures on the way.

We took the train and found Marymount again XD


Lovely view. The three buildings with the boat-like thing on top is the famous Marina Bay Sands:

Ezra and me – sitting down to rest before walking to the Merlion


It’s spitting on my head XD

Ckloy’s camera was set to black and white. While we were at the park, random strangers kept asking Ckloy to help them take a picture with the Merlion. I think it was because he kept walking around by himself as he explored the area. I was too tired so I just sat on a bench with the rest of our group (who were tired too). We kept an eye on Ckloy and tried to count the number of times people stopped him and asked him to take their picture.

With the baby Merlion:

Tito Raffy made 7 o’clock reservations at the Palm Beach Restaurant near Merlion park. We arrived before he did so we sat down and browsed the menu as we waited.

Nom nom nom~  Everything sounds so yummy

Drank some tea while waiting

Tito Raffy arrived a short while later:

Group shot taken by Ckloy

During dinner, we listened to Tito Raffy’s stories as we ate the yummy dishes he ordered for us:

Their famous (and yummy) chili crab

Ckloy with his beer messy bib. I managed to keep my bib spotless throughout the entire dinner, but that’s only because Ckloy peeled and picked the crab meat for me to eat since I was too lazy XD Thanks baby~ (Which also explains why his bib got so dirty.)

Another group shot with us in our bibs (taken by our Filipina waitress)

We mentioned to Tito Raffy that we’ve been wanting to drop by the Marina Bay Sands but haven’t had the chance, so he arranged for us to go after dinner. He didn’t bring his car so we went to the Fullerton Hotel to grab a cab from there.

On the walkalator heading to the Fullerton Hotel

Halfway across the walkalator, the topic of planking somehow came up.  Ckloy had never heard of it before and he was really curious about it.  We briefly explained the concept and the rules (or at least what we think they are, we’ve never planked before either) and he decided he wanted to try it.  This was the best he could do before we got to the end though:

LOL. He didn’t have time to turn around XD  Still pretty impressive if you ask me.

Entrance to the hotel

We found a pond full of fat koi in the lobby

They were so sweet and allowed people to pet them

We took a cab from the Fullerton to Marina Bay Sands and decided to go up to the famous Ku De Ta Skybar.

We took the elevator up to the 57th floor where the bar was located

The infinity pool on the 57th floor

The view at the top was amazing! Sadly most of my pictures came out a bit blurry since it was pretty dark.

Tito Raffy bought us drinks at the bar. I didn’t order anything because I have a low tolerance for alcohol and I wanted to just enjoy the view, but my aunt asked me finish her mojito when she realized it was too strong for her.

Ckloy with his beer

Raffy with his – I think it was his 3rd or 4th for the night (I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I should probably bring it up again – Raffy and Tito Raffy are two different people. Our family likes recycling names XD)

With my aunt’s mojito. She just took a sip, decided she couldn’t finish it and gave the rest to me. I made Raffy drink most of it though. My body’s not used to alcohol and I didn’t want the room to start spinning. (She could have just asked Raffy to take care of it in the first place but I think she was against the idea of personally giving her son more alcohol so she handed it to me instead XD)

Ezra looks drunk in this photo, LOL~ She was actually hiding from the camera because her eye swelled up (due to allergies) and she was rubbing ice on it.

We sat around and talked for a while before we remembered that we were flying out to Malaysia the next day and we still haven’t started packed our stuff.  So at around midnight, we said goodbye to Tito Raffy and called a cab to take us back to the hotel where we got busy packing.

Thanks Tito Raffy for dinner and for showing us around!


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