Happy birthday Tom Felton!

Our dear Draco turns 24 today 😀

I’ve been seeing birthday greetings for Tom on Tumblr since this morning. I reblogged a couple of them, but I figured I should post an entry for him here as well.

Here’s a mini picspam for all you Tom Felton fans out there:

 (None of these pictures belong to me, obviously. Found them all on Tumblr.  I linked them all to their original owners.)




QuestionDo you see Daniel Radcliff and the rest of the cast now as much as you used to and… you guys worked with Harry Potter and the whole series for a long time, do you sometimes snap into your characters?


Okay, so the last picture isn’t of Tom, but it just shows what a funny guy he is, I couldn’t resist 😀

To wrap this entry up, here are a couple of facts about Tom Felton (which I stole from this site)

  • He is thankful for The Bealtles, the weather in England, golf, Quidditch, Fuggi, Harry Potter, life, being in the Harry Potter series, and his fans.
  •  His favorite ice cream is chocolate.
  •  His favorite word is atrocious.
  •  He played Colin in the European version of the Secret Garden in 1999.
  •  He has three elder brothers: Jonathan, Ashley, and Chris.
  •  He enjoys football (soccer), ice-skating, roller-blading, basketball, cricket, swimming, and tennis, but his first love is fishing. (imdb.com)
  •  He likes hip-hop music. (imdb.com)
  •  Owns pet chinchillas. (imdb.com)
  •  Bleaches his hair blonde for the Harry Potter films. His natural hair color is light brown. (imdb.com)
  • He is youtube member Feltbeats. (youtube.com)
  • He`s right handed
  • Attended Howard of Effingham School, a comprehensive school located in Surrey. He left school at the age of 16 in May 2004 after completing his GSCEs. When he finishes filming the Harry Potter films, Tom hopes to follow in the footsteps of his elder brother and study fishing management at university.
  •  His elder brother was his chaperone on the set of Harry Potter.
  •  Hadn`t read any of the “Harry Potter” books prior to being cast as Draco Malfoy.
  •  He sings, dances, and plays guitar
  •  He speaks English, Spanish, and French.

HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY TOM!  Stay awesome!


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