Goodbye Singapore, Hello Malaysia

(Yes, its been 2 months since our trip, but I don’t have a lot of free time to blog these days. I apologize.)

I wanted to sleep in on our last day in Singapore and wake up just before we had to leave for the airport, but my aunt wanted to make the most of her vacation so she decided to squeeze in some last minute sightseeing that morning. We only had about 2 hours to spare so she decided to just check out the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City since it was nearby. Ckloy’s never been there before either, so my mom suggested that we tag along with them.

Suntec Convention Center Lobby

Welcome to Suntec baby!

Glad to be back here. I still remember attending my first conference here (ICMAT 2007).


Walking around


A blurry shot of me and Ckloy


You’re welcome XD

I mentioned in my last Singapore entry that the Food Republics in Singapore always have some sort of theme. The one in Suntec had a library concept:

 I love how real the books look. They’re actually paintings. Pretty cool noh?


Some giant sake containers


Ckloy wanted to take them home with us


Raffy was already thinking of ways on how to sneak them out before his mom caught him XD

Some old Japanese bottles

Another trashbin for Ckloy’s quest


We went inside Suntec City Mall where Ckloy bought a small figurine of the Merlion.

After walking for a bit, we found ourselves at the entrance to the Fountain of Wealth.


Instructions for good luck


Ckloy, Raffy and me following the directions and making our wishes

My mom was disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a picture of her and my aunt walking around the fountain because Ckloy, Raffy and I were too busy chatting and taking pictures of ourselves.  We didn’t notice they were already walking around. But Ckloy did get this:

Well, you can kinda see my mom and my aunt walking around the fountain behind us, LOL

We wanted to stay longer, but a bunch of kids on a field trip arrived after this so we let them have their turn.

Our feet were aching after 4 days of consecutive walking so we sat around for a few minutes to let them rest before heading back to the hotel.

Raffy and I look tired yet happy. Ckloy’s half asleep and my aunt’s complaining about the pain XD

After resting a bit, we headed up to look at the fountain from above.

A bit of info about the fountain:

The Fountain of Wealth was constructed in 1995, together with the main Suntec City development. A symbol of wealth and life, the Fountain Of Wealth is recognized since 1998 by the Guinness Book Of World Records as the World’s Largest Fountain. The bronze ring of the fountain is designed based on the Hindu Mandala, meaning universe and is a symbolic representation of the oneness in spirit and unity and further symbolizes the equality and harmony of all races and religions in Singapore.


The fountain is surrounded by signs which give information about the Chinese zodiacs:

Ckloy and I were both born in the year of the ox

Hmm … not sure if this is true for us though, lol.

From above we could see the kids going around the fountain making their wishes:

After one group finishes, another batch would come forward:

I love how everything is so organized in Singapore! It’s so simple, but some people have seriously no concept of a line (I’ll talk more about lines later in this entry).

We planned on taking the bus back home, but we couldn’t remember how to get to the bus stop (it was a different one from where the 857 bus droppped us off earlier), so we decided to just take the MRT back to Bras Basah instead. It was probably the better choice anyway since the Bras Basah station is quite near our hotel.

On our walk back we passed by Ckloy’s favorite coffee shop

Back at the hotel, we did some last minute packing, rested for a bit then headed back downstairs to take a cab to the airport.

Goodbye Strand Hotel!

At the airport Ezra insisted that Ckloy push her around on the trolley

Of course I had to try it as well. (Don’t judge, it’s not everyday I get to travel with my boyfriend who lets me get away with things like this XD)

Ckloy and me. (You can see Ezra riding the trolley behind us. She transferred to Raffy’s trolley after I took over Ckloy’s.)

We weren’t able to have lunch before leaving the hotel so we bought some snacks at one of the shops.

The multicolored rice cakes amused Ckloy. They tasted like sapin sapin

When it was almost time for our flight, we made our way over to the boarding area. We stopped by the refund counter to reimburse some of the tax from a few of our purchases. Ckloy played around with the trolleys while waiting:

I transfered to Raffy’s trolley during this time.

Ezra couldn’t sit on the cart because she was wearing a skirt, so she offered to push Ckloy around instead:

We thought it was strangely nice of her

Until she started running around in circles, trying to get Ckloy to fall off XD

Ezra, Mom and me with some pretty flowers

We boarded the plane at around 2pm (or was it 3? I can’t really remember). Just like our flight to Singapore, Ckloy had to sit in the row behind us, but the people he was supposed to sit next to decided to transfer to some empty seats in the back (they were travelling as a group too) so I was able to keep him company.

Emo Ckloy XD

Our first glimpse of Malaysia

We’re here!

Stewardesses walking to the airport in the heat

We had to walk a LOOOOOONG way to get to the immigration counter. I mean, I know we took a budget flight and all, but I wish they arranged some shuttles to take us to the airport at least.

//rant mode ON

I didn’t take any pictures at the airport mostly because by the time we got there, we weren’t in a good mood after having to walk so far. And this wasn’t helped by the fact that we were greeted with an extreeeeeeemely long line at the immigration counter. It was bad enough as it is, but after a few minutes of standing in line, a bunch of people (of a certain race) decided that they’ve had enough of standing in line and started to mob their way to the front.  (Note : I’m against racism/discrimination and all, but seriously, some people don’t really help change what people think about their race by behaving the way they do.  We were shocked to hear few racist comments about them during our stay in Malaysia, but sometimes we can’t really blame some people for making such remarks.)  Of course this didn’t agree with the rest of the crowd so they left their places in line to push to the front as well. Pretty soon, the entire area was filled with a bunch of people pushing each other! The airport staff tried their best to control the crowd, but there were only about 3 of them and people weren’t really in the mood to listen by this time. The line had completely disappeared, people were yelling, and new passengers (who also refused to line up) continued to arrive, making things even more chaotic. It was terrible! Thinking about it now still gives me a headache. After some time (and a lot of complaints from the passengers), the airport staff managed to get a line formed again and restore a bit of order. I say “a bit” because some people still kept waiting for a chance to cut in front of others, hoping that no one would say anything about it.  A group of men (of the same race I mentioned earlier – see what I mean?  Not helping!) who had just arrived actually tried to cut in front of us, but my aunt yelled at them to go to back of the line (she can be scary when she’s mad). Gah~ Seriously, what do these people think when they see people queuing up? “Oh, those guys must be standing around in an orderly manner because they feel like it. C’mon, let’s just ignore them and get closer to the counter.” Tch~

And remember, we just came from Singapore where everything is so organized and the people are so disciplined, so we were pretty shocked. We seriously didn’t expect things to be this bad. Plus, the passengers in line with us were saying stuff about how the airport staff there don’t check your baggage tags when you walk out, so people can actually just steal your bags and no one would really care. The entire time we were in line, we kept praying that no one had taken our bags and that they would still be there when we come to claim them. Luckily we managed to secure all our luggage after finishing up at the counter, but true to what we heard, no one checked if we got the right bags when we left the airport. We just walked out of there and no one really paid attention. No one even counted if we took the right amount!! *shudder*

Anyway, we rented a van at the airport to take us to our Fahrenheit Suites, where we would be staying. It took a while for us to check in because there were some problems with our reservations.  We booked (and paid) for our rooms months before our trip so we were expecting everything to be sorted out by the time we got there.  Apparently, during the gap between our payment and our actual arrival, the hotel increased their rates.  According to them, they informed us through email, but my parents say they didn’t receive anything.  So when we got there, the staff was trying to charge us the additional amount.  Of course my my parents and my aunt (who were already in a bad mood because of the airport incident) refused.  In the end, the staff had to transfer Raffy and Ninang to a different (cheaper and smaller) room so she wouldn’t have to pay extra, but we got to keep our reservation because they couldn’t find a different room for us.

//rant mode OFF

We got the family room since there were 5 of us, and it was HUGE!  It had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining area, a balcony, a living room and a kitchen – complete with a fridge, microwave, plates and other stuff. Whoa~ Needless to say I was impressed. I mean after that whole fiasco at the airport and the hotel reservation issues, I wasn’t really too pleased with my first impression of Malaysia. I expected our hotel room to be tiny and ugly but I was pleasantly surprised.

Here’s a picture of the living room, which is the first room you’ll see when you walk in:

They placed the dining table there, but there’s actually a separate area that’s meant to be used as a dining room. There was a TV (with cable) and a DVD player. We brought along our Harry Potter DVDs so we were glad we got a chance to watch them in Malaysia.

My parents bedroom:

They have their own bathroom in there

The room Ezra and I shared:

(My bed is the one with the messy sheets and Harry Potter book) I loved how there were so many outlets available for us to use. Our hotel in Singapore only had 2 outlets in the room so Ezra and I fought a lot over them. Oh, and we had a hair dryer in our room too (our hotel in Singapore didn’t have that).

Ezra’s, Ckloy’s and my bathroom:

My dad was happy that he didn’t have to share a bathroom with Ezra anymore – she takes FOREVER to get ready in the morning. We usually have to yell at her through the bathroom door to hurry up and let other people have a chance to get dressed.

Anyway, we didn’t really do much on our first night in Malaysia. There was a mall right next to our hotel, so we grabbed some dinner there and looked around a bit. We also bought some groceries for breakfast since it wasn’t offered at our hotel.

And we bought this:

Magnum! Yummmm~ I’m not sure if they have this in the Philippines. I’ve never seen it being sold at our groceries. The last time I got to eat this was back in April last year when we went to China.

After dinner we just lounged around and watched TV. Raffy and Ninang stayed with us until it was time to go to bed because our room was much bigger than theirs.

Nom-noming our Magnum bars while watching Jennifer’s Body.  We went to bed after the movie.  We had a lot planned out for the next day so we tried not to stay up too late 🙂

I’m glad that despite all the trouble we went through at the airport and at the hotel, we managed to end our day well.  For a while there we were beginning to regret leaving Singapore for Malaysia.  But it all worked out in the end.  Phew~


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