Week 38/52 : What is essential is invisible to the eye

-Antoine de Saint Exupery

The semester is almost finished (we have less than a month left) and I’ve been going crazy writing my thesis manuscript.  I’m hoping to graduate this October, but things aren’t looking too good at the moment.  I think I’ve done alright, but the more books and journals I read, the more I realize I could have done a better job.  Gah~  Not to mention the fact that some of my professors have told me that it’s already too late for me to try to schedule my defense this month, and that I should just think about graduating next semester.  I was really looking forward to finishing everything this month, but the way things are going, it looks like I’ll to extend another semester. It’s just a horrible feeling T__T

Anyway the thing I’m holding is a mini camera lighter.  It also doubles as a flash light (see pictures in comments).  I bought it earlier this month (on my birthday, to be exact).  I don’t really use it, but I just love collecting little camera toys.

Here’s a colored version:

I edited this first then decided to convert it to black and white afterwards. I’m sorta going through a monochrome phase at the moment. Brinks tells me that I’ve been uploading so many black and white photos lately. I think I’m addicted. Or maybe it’s just my crappy mood telling me that colors are for happy people, tch~


Here it is functioning as a lighter:

And as a flashlight:

Not sure what that glowing thing on my neck is. I think its a reflection from the flashlight or something.


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