Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo leave NEWS :(

Ryo-chan, Pi-chan : Whyyyyyyyyyy? T___T

For those who haven’t heard, Yamapi and Ryo have decided to leave NEWS to pursue other activities.

On October 7th, Johnny & Associates Inc. announced that two NEWS members, Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo,  withdrew from the group on the same day.  Yamashita will pursue his solo activities, and Nishikido will focus on his activities in Kanjani∞. Consequently, NEWS will continue their activities with four members: Koyama Keiichiro, Kato Shigeaki, Masuda Takahisa, and Tegoshi Yuya.

(source : tokyohive.com)

My sister and I are both very sad to hear this.  I mean, it’s true that we’ve been a bit out of touch from the Jpop world ever since our favorite subber (newshfan) decided to shut down her site, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped being fans.  NEWS was the very first jpop band that my sister and I obsessed over.  They were the start of our jpop/j-drama madness (which soon expanded to kpop/kdramas and cpop/taiwanese dramas as well).

To be more specific, it was Yamapi who got us hooked.  My sister introduced his dramas to me (it’s a long story how she discovered him – it actually started with anime, which we loved at the time), and ever since then I’ve been obsessed.  And believe it or not, my sister and I have Yamapi to thank for the super close bond that we share nowadays.  I actually wrote a journal entry about this on my deviantart waaaaaaaaaaay back in 2008, for Yamapi’s birthday.  I suppose I’ll just paste what I wrote back then:

I first heard about him from my sister about 6 to 7 months ago. At first I didn’t pay attention to her whenever she told me that I should watch some of his series. I didn’t really enjoy watching Asian dramas back then.

Then one day we were stuck in campus with nothing to do. (We were waiting for her professor to release the exemption list for the finals :D) Luckily I had my laptop with me which contained the first few episodes of Kurosagi. (She somehow managed to get me to save them on my laptop back then. I think it was because she told me that the plot is similar to Deathnote … which was my obsession at the time) So I agreed to watch the first episode with her, and instantly got hooked.

That was the start of my JE boys obsession

I think the reason I enjoy watching Yamapi (and other JE boys) so much is not just because they’re extremely talented (and not to mention easy on the eyes) … but probably because it’s one thing that brings my sister and me closer together.  We don’t really have a lot of things in common. We enjoy some of the same stuff, and we look very much alike (we’re often mistaken for twins) but our friends can definitely say that we have a very different taste about practically everything: food, clothes, boys … so I’m glad that we managed to find something that we both enjoy very much.

I’m the past, we usually stay locked up in our own rooms whenever we’re at home. But ever since we found this common interest, we don’t lock our doors anymore since we’re always invading each other’s rooms to talk about what’s new with these boys. If someone in the past told me that one day I would enjoy having my sister around me all the time, I’d probably think they’re nuts. But now, her room is one of the first places I go to when I come home.

So anyway, I want to wish Yamapi a very happy birthday. Please continue making albums, series and movies in the future, so that my sister and I never run out of things to talk about ^_____^

Now isn’t that sweet?  LOL~  No, but seriously, before we started watching Asian dramas and listening to jpop/kpop, we didn’t really have that much in common.  We’d watch different shows, had different hobbies, different friends, etc.  We didn’t spend that much time together because we didn’t really have that much to talk about.  But these days, you’d be begging us to shut up when we’re together because we’re so chatty with each other.  But before you think that we’ve turned into obsessed girls who let fandom rule our life, I’d like to point out that we don’t just talk about fangirl stuff.  True, it was what brought us closer, but we didn’t stop there.  Over the years we’ve learned that we’re not so different after all.

Anyway, back to Ryo and Pi. I’ve been digging around online and discovered that a lot of fans are not only unhappy with this development, but some are actually angry.  A lot of people have been unliking/unfollowing Yamapi’s facebook page. I’ve even read a few negative comments from fans on some discussions, mostly attacking his singing abilities.

“I’ve been waiting for so long for their comeback, and what i see now is withdrawal. this is unfair.”

“Well it’s hardy surprising, but I seriously doubt Yamapi’s talent when it comes to solo”

“yamapi.. no way, he wants a solo career?? sorry but i dont think he is talented enough for a solo career”


I do have to agree that Yamapi doesn’t exactly have the best singing voice, but some of these comments are pretty harsh.  I mean it’s his life, so he should be able to decide on his own path, right?  Some fans are more understanding and have decided to support Ryo’s and Pi’s decision to leave:

“Their withdrawal was expected but nonetheless disappointing!”

“NEWS was the first group I fangirled over. I can help but feel that I grew up with this group. I feel betrayed. >_>  But I also hope for development for all four of them.”

“It’s a shame but I will continue to listen to their music, new and old, with fondness.”

Surprisingly, Ryo doesn’t seem to be taking that much heat compared to Yamapi.  I suppose it’s because they think his reason for leaving (difficulty in juggling two bands at once) is more valid than Yamapi’s decision to go solo.  Also, some fans feel that Yamapi, being the leader of NEWS, committed the bigger act of betrayal.  Ahh, drama~

Like some fans, I do feel a bit hurt that they had to leave, but I still wish them luck in their careers.  Only time can tell us if they’re made the right decision or not.   In the meantime, I’ll wrap this entry up with a mini picspam of NEWS:

We’ll miss you, Ryo-chan and Pi-chan!!!  NEWS won’t be the same without you T__T


7 thoughts on “Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo leave NEWS :(

    ^^LOLOLOL Sorry but this line REALLY made me laugh. Like, non-stop for a minute ahahhaa.

    To be honest, I have been wondering for a long time now when Pi was going to go solo. I mean, Pi is the CLEAR star of the group and while I don’t think he is the greatest actor (to be super diplomatic) nor is he exactly the best singer (to be downright deaf and pointlessly kind, lol) you can’t deny that he has has never really “needed” his fellow bandmates to, well, make his own money. I think he has been the one bringing drawing alot of the fanbase to News and not the other way around. I’m not his biggest fan but if anything, News fans should thank him for everything that he has brought to the group until now.

    Ryo was actually one of the first J-boys that I came across (and kinda ended up having a bit of a thang for~~) thanks to the tear-jerker that is One Litre Of Tears (and his overwhelmingy soulful, puppy-dog eyes^^;;;;;;) I’m glad now he is committing himself to just the one group now- will never understand how he did it for so long dividing his time between the two bands PLUS his acting gigs on the side. I think he seems happier when he’s with the Kanjani8 boys anyways.

    But anyways, just as you summed up, let’s wish everyone involved the best- ganbatte, ganbatte 🙂

    P.S. The first pic of Pi & Ryo is total love ^_^

    • LOL, it was harsh but to be perfectly honest I cracked up as well XD I am a Yamapi fan, but even I don’t think he has the best voice (nor is he the best actor either, lol). But yeah, I think he definitely can make it big on his own. I don’t know, he just has his own brand of charm that attracts people.

      “I think he has been the one bringing drawing alot of the fanbase to News and not the other way around.” – I agree. I think that’s another reason why NEWS fans are so mad at him for leaving. A majority NEWS fans are probably Yamapi fans, and with him leaving, the band probably lost a lot of supporters. But hopefully NEWS will gain more fans now (ones that are really fans of the band, and not just one specific person). Even without Pi and Ryo, I think they can still make it as a 4-person band. To be honest, I think Tegoshi and Massu are the only decent singers in NEWS anyway (and Ryo, occasionally), but I still really liked everyone because of their own quirky personalities. (I remember spending hours just watching NEWS DVDs, cracking up at their crazy antics in the dressing room.)

      Yeah, after Yamapi, Ryo became my biggest obsession for a while. (I mean can you seriously resist those eyes?? Even my friend who’s usually not into Jdramas watched One Liter of Tears just to see him.) But yeah, I always felt that he was spreading himself too thin, working with two bands and acting. It was always amusing to see him in the Johnny’s countdown running between NEWS and Kanjani8, lol. I do hope he gets more acting gigs now that he has a bit more time. (Unlike Pi, I think Ryo definitely has what it takes to be a great actor.)

      I agree, let’s just wish them all – NEWS, Ryo and Pi – the best of luck~ 😀

  2. To be honest, I think Tegoshi and Massu are the only decent singers in NEWS anyway (and Ryo, occasionally)
    Don’t hurt me but I’ve never looked at News to be one of the a stronger JE singing groups… (heck, but then again, is there such a thing as a strong JE singing group? Is that not a redundant question, lol.) But yes, I do agree Tegoshi and Massu would be the better ones of the group 🙂 And they are totally quriky! But moreso, whenever I think News, I think and feel a very youthful, “Summery,” sunshine vibe- they just kinda give you a spring in your step 🙂

    But the one thing that I think is best coming out of this is Ryo being able to possibly spend more time on his acting because like you, I do see good potential that’s waiting to soar (I think it is in the eyes~~) I hope he gets there 🙂

    • “Don’t hurt me but I’ve never looked at News to be one of the a stronger JE singing groups… (heck, but then again, is there such a thing as a strong JE singing group?)” – LOL, my younger, NEWS and JE-obsessed fangirl self from a few years back might have some violent reactions to that, but my present self would definitely have to agree with you. Singing isn’t really NEWS’s forte (nor is dancing, if you think about it XD). Honestly, the main reason I liked them was because they were all adorable and funny. I enjoyed seeing them appear on variety shows and watching their interviews more than their actual concert DVDs because that’s where I was able to see each member’s personality. I mean, yeah, I did like their songs – they were catchy and (like you said) “springy”, but they weren’t exactly the hardest songs to sing. (Plus, seeing them sing live sometimes shatters the illusion I have of them being great singers XD) Nevertheless, I love the NEWS boys and I wish them all the best of luck 😀

  3. As for me, I don’t want to stop those two from leaving….if that’s what they really want. i mean, yeah, we all knew they’d been winding down, and yeah, we all knew that Pi was a gigantic star, and Ryo….well…..pity him, of course – having to go thro’ so much stuff.

    so like i said, if they want to leave, then ….fine….. let us not stop them, lest they die of heartbreak (sorry for the dripping sarcasm) but having said that, i kinda was hoping that there’d be some respectful goodbye to NEWS fans.

    I may be wrong as I had not the time to be following NEWS 100% – But whenever there was the opportunity (sometimes even late at night) I would tune into their videos, interviews…and in a way, i respected them.. Each member… i seriously respected them NOT just for their talent, but for the way they stuck it out and tried to make the best of their situation. they were like icons to me (though I am years older).

    And to see them literally just going away like that….. especially when there had been so much talk about how they are on better terms post-hiatus and how NEWS wanted fans to wait for them and how they are now ‘friends’.

    I dunno. it’s okay if they wanted to do more of what makes them happy …..but just …just say a proper goodbye….. (oh silly me).

    • I agree. A proper goodbye and explanation to the fans (well, a better explanation at least) would have been nice. I think I read somewhere that the reason why some fans are angry with Pi was because they felt that he just abandoned the group, without giving the fans a chance to say goodbye. Someone else mentioned that he was really cold when it came to announcing the news about him leaving, but I can’t really confirm that. I think if a proper goodbye was held (like a press conference) where the members could answer questions regarding the fans’ concerns then they would have been happier and more accepting about it.

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