(EZRA) 38/52 : Colors of the wind

We’re a week behind our 52-week project again T__T  We caught up the other week, got complacent, and fell behind again. So now we’re trying to catch up again, lol.

Anyway, Ezra said this photo was inspired by the recent typhoons that’s been hitting the Philippines.  The last one came with *really* strong winds.  (Also, she wanted to show off her new dress XD)

I had a hard time editing this shot because Ezra really wanted the flying leaves there.  I tried using Photoshop brushes at first, but they looked really fake.  Luckily I found this stock image of flying leaves on deviantart, which was exactly what I needed 😀  (I added a little motion blur to make them look like they were being carried by the wind.)


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