(EZRA) 39/52 : There are two sides to every story

We’re a bit behind our 52-week projects again, gah!

Anyway, here’s Ezra’s portrait for the first week of October. That’s both her by the way, in case you can’t tell, hehe. She’s wearing a wig for her “boy” version.

She bought a short wig because Kurt keeps hinting that he wants to see her with short hair. She refuses to cut her hair so she had to figure out another way to make him happy.

Speaking of cutting hair, I let Ezra cut my hair a few days ago. The ends were seriously damaged and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was too lazy to go to the salon to get a trim so I asked her to cut my hair for me. It was the first time I let her do it, and I’m happy to report that turned out fine 🙂

  • Flower vector brushes are from redheadstock.deviantart.com
  • Star vector brushes are from roguexunited.deviantart.com



2 thoughts on “(EZRA) 39/52 : There are two sides to every story

  1. Great diptych! I found your blog through a wordpress tag search. I’ve recently done a few diptychs of my own, you can check them out at camcope.wordpress.com.

    Keep up the good work,


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