Happy birthday Mama!

It’s my mom’s birthday today 😀  We celebrated it by having lunch at Pig Out in Sta. Rosa. We’ve never eaten there before but her friends recommended it.  Anyway, here are some pictures taken earlier today :

Vanity shot in the car, on the way to Sta. Rosa

Let’s Pig Out!

Ezra and me.  I was playing Devil Dice on my PSP while waiting for our food.

Our appetizer came first.  It was really yummy but I forgot what it was called.  It’s soft bread with what’s supposed to be some kind of eggplant dip (I think), but it didn’t really taste like eggplant, it reminded us all of curry actually.  Nevertheless, we really liked it.

Next came our drinks.  They were so colorful that we had to take a picture of them together.  From left to right : Chico shake (for my dad), Babe’s special (for me – it’s a mixture of fresh apple, grape and orange juice), Kamiyas shake (for my mom) and Ube Halaya shake (for Ezra).  Interesting flavors right?  I think mine was probably the most boring choice, but it was really good so I’m not complaining XD

Look at Ezra staring at my drink with so much longing, lol.  This was before hers arrived and she kept taking a sip of mine.

She only stopped bothering me after her drink arrived

Pictures of the stuff we ordered:

Korean style tapa.  This was *really* good.  My mouth’s watering just thinking about it again.  *drools*

Seoul style fried rice.  This was yummy too.  A bit spicy, but we liked it that way~

And because noodles should always be present during birthdays (according to my mom) we ordered japchae.

Pig Out! isn’t really a Korean restaurant, so I’m not sure why we ordered so much Korean food.  These were all recommended by our waiter.  I’m glad he suggested them because they were all really yummy.  My dad liked the japchae a lot.  My favorite was the tapa 😀  (Our waiter also recommended the crispy pata which was supposedly a specialty of theirs, but we just had crispy pata yesterday and we wanted something different today.)

Family picture taken by our waiter before we started eating.

We didn’t have dessert because we were too full by the time we finished everything.  We decided to just drop by Mernel’s on our way home to pick up a birthday cake for my mom, which we ate after dinner:

(We usually get Mernels’ chocolate cake, but we tried their White Forest this time, which was pretty good too.)

Happy birthday Mommy!  I hope you enjoyed your special day.  We love you!


4 thoughts on “Happy birthday Mama!

  1. Nice! It looks like you and your family had a blast celebrating your mom’s birthday! Omg, the food and drinks look so delicious, I am officially jealous!

    PS – Great pictures here on your blog, everything looks like so professionally done. Keep it up 😉

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