Retail therapy : Forever 21, Etude House, Watsons, etc

My parents had to go to Quezon City for a meeting yesterday so Ezra and I tagged along and asked them to drop us off at Megamall on their way there.  I’ve been stuck at home for most of the past weeks, writing my thesis, so this was the perfect chance for me to de-stress.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a haul post.  I haven’t really had the chance to go shopping the past few months.  I mean occasionally I’d go out and buy something but I usually just end up with one or two items so I don’t see the point of making an entry about it.  (I’ve been meaning to post a collective haul but I got lazy…)

The first shop Ezra and I went to was Data Blitz, where Ezra bought Rune Factory : Tides of Destiny (it’s a Wii game).  It was released just last week and she’s been waiting for a chance to pick up a copy.  After that we stopped by Tony Moly, but I didn’t buy anything since my parents already gave me a bunch of makeup from Tony Moly for my birthday.  Ezra bought some skin care products while I looked around.

Then we dropped by Watsons where I picked up another pack of oil control sheets since I used up my last one.  I also decided to try the Watsons Moisturizing and Strengthening Olive Leave-On Conditioner.  It was an impulsive buy because I felt that my hair felt extra dry that morning.  And I also bought a new loofah (not pictured) since my old one was falling apart.

Forever 21 was located just beside Watsons so Ezra and I stopped by there next.  I didn’t really plan onbuying anything but I ended up getting a ring and a pair of earrings:

I love these earrings!  I have a similar one which I bought at the Toycon this year, but they’re nowhere near as nice as these.  And the ring is super cute!  Here’s a close up:

It’s a tiny owl!  Isn’t it just adorable?~  They had larger ones but I’m not a big fan of big rings.  I mean, I think they’re awesome but I can’t stand wearing them.  They make my hands feel so heavy and they get caught in my hair and inside my bag when I try to get something out.  They’re great on other people but I’m perfectly happy with smaller and simpler rings like this one for myself.

Our next stop was Etude House where I bought a Soft Touch lip liner, an Eye’s Cream stick, a nail gradient sponge (not pictured), the Moistfull Collagen eye cream for my mom’s birthday (not pictured) and a new bottle of the Fresh Nailwash Safe nail polish remover.  I usually get the pink variant of the nail polish remover, but they didn’t have any in stock, so I had to get the blue one.  I have to be careful not to get this mixed up with my Lip and Eye makeup remover (which comes in the same packaging and is also blue).

(The extra lip liner is for Ezra.)

We dropped by SM department store after this to look at belts, but I ended up getting a pack of magnetic hair rollers instead:

They’re the kind my mom, aunt and grandma used to wear.  I picked up a pack of bendy rollers about a month ago and I didn’t like how small the curls turned out so I decided to try this one.  I popped them on my head for 5 minutes yesterday just to get a feel of them and when I removed them, my hair ended up getting some nice waves:

They’re not that defined and they didn’t last long since my hair was dry when I put the rollers in, and I only left them on for a few minutes, but I actually liked the results.  I’m not sure if I would be able to get more defined curls with these (or if I need to buy more curlers), I guess I’ll have to experiment with them a bit more.

After this Ezra and I just walked around and just stopped by whatever shops we felt were interesting.  I bought three new tops, all from different stores:

The zebra top is definitely my favorite

We both only got a few hours of sleep the night before so we were a bit groggy after a few hours of shopping.  We decided to take a break and grab lunch at Sbarro.

When Ezra paid for our lunch, the cashier gave her this as change:

It’s a P200 bill with the UST seal.  I didn’t know they made these.  I knew UP made them a few years back (using P100 bills), and that Ateneo recently did the same, but I’ve never heard about these P200 UST ones.  Anyway, it was our first time seeing one, so I had to take a picture 😀

Tired girls~  We were so tempted to put our heads on the table and take a quick nap after we finished our food XD

The rest of the afternoon was spent with us wandering around aimlessly, waiting for our parents to pick us up so we could sleep on the car ride home.  We got tired of walking eventually and decided to just wait for them at French Baker, where Ezra pigged out on macaroons.  She kept offering me some but I’ve been consuming too much sugar the past few weeks so I’m trying to cut back.

That reminds me, have you ever tried avocado ice cream?  I had some about two weeks ago at this buffet restaurant (Viking) and it was super yummy!  I didn’t expect to like it since the idea sounded a bit weird to me, but I absolutely loved it.  I’ve been craving it ever since but I don’t know where else I can find it.

Avocado ice cream~  Moar plz!

Anyway, when our parents arrived we shopped around for a bit again, but we mostly just bought food to bring home.   We left the mall at around 4pm.  Ezra and I spent the entire ride back fast asleep XD


4 thoughts on “Retail therapy : Forever 21, Etude House, Watsons, etc

  1. Sounds like a great day! I could REALLY use some retail therapy after two weeks of exams but everything is all “summer clearance” which means literally every store is getting rid of the summer stuff… during winter weathers 😦

    • That’s too bad 😦 But I wish we had clearance sales here in the Philippines too. I’d probably end up buying a lot, even if it’s out of season, lol. There’s something really relaxing (and rewarding) about going shopping after days of stressing over something 😀 It’s good that your exams are done though 😀

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