Week 40/52 : Aim for the stars

I was *so* tempted to have this in black and white. I don’t know, I’m just really in to black and white photos these days. But I could already hear Brinks screaming “ANOTHER black and white SP???”, so I resisted the temptation and uploaded the colored version instead. (A few people have been telling me that they’re getting sick of my blue wall too. but I still love it after all these years. I tried shooting some of my portraits in Ezra’s room since she has pink walls, but I don’t like it that much. I mean I love pink, but I prefer cooler tones in my pictures.)

Anyway, this is supposed to be a tribute to Yamashita Tomohisa (AKA “Yamapi”).  I wrote an entry about two weeks ago about his (and Ryo’s) decision to leave NEWS.  Ezra and I were really big fans of the band, so we were extremely sad to hear this, but we respect their decision.

In case you’re wondering how this photo is connected to Yamapi, it has to do with my earrings. Yamapi wore the exact same one in one of his dramas called Dragon Zakura (his was gold though). My sister and I watched the show a few years back and we noticed Yamapi’s earrings. We thought it was really cool so we searched for it online and found it on Ebay (they have everything there these days, LOL). It wasn’t that expensive so we both ordered one (in silver).

Here’s a closeup of the earring:

And a screenshot of Pi wearing it in Dragon Zakura:

And because I couldn’t resist in the end, a black and white version of the photo:

The title I chose is the English translation of one of my favorite songs from NEWS, Hoshi Wo Mezashite. It was their comeback single after their short hiatus in 2006/2007.  I’m going to miss them T__T


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