Sunway Lagoon (Malaysia)

Another overdue post…

This is still part of our Singapore/Malaysia vacation. Finally got some free time this week to sort pictures again.

Our first day in Malaysia (if you don’t count the day of our arrival) was spent exploring Sunway Lagoon in Petaling Jaya. It’s a HUGE park that’s actually composed of five smaller attractions : Extreme Park, Wildlife Park, Scream Park, Amusement Park and Water Park. We were mostly excited about the water park since the last time we’ve been to one was wa~y back in 1997 (if I remember correctly) when our family went to Raging Waters in California.

We left the hotel around 9 because the park opens at 11 on weekdays and it was a bit of a distance away. (It opens at 10 on weekends.) Our driver dropped us off in front of this gorgeous hotel (which is also owned by the Sunway Group).

We found another trash bin for Ckloy’s quest. It amused him that the Malaysian word for “push” is close to the Tagalog word for it.

We had to take a couple of escalators down to get to the park itself.

The park’s mascot : Captain Quack.   That’s some beer belly he’s got.  And he sounds a lot like Donald Duck when he speaks, lol

At the entrance we found a sign that shows a list of the park’s rules, as well as a dress code.

They had the usual rules on there, such as no sharp objects allowed on the rides, Sunway wristbands must be worn at all times, no outside food allowed, etc., but what amused me was the list of allowed “swimwear”.  I’ve always thought that swim suits were required for most water parks, but they allowed other sorts of attires in Sunway – such as body suits, aerobic suits, leggings, etc. And yes, I did see people swimming in leggings and body suits, despite the deadly heat that day.  I’m breaking a sweat just thinking about it.

We arrived a few minutes before 11, so the park was still closed. We looked around and took pictures while waiting for the staff to open the ticket booths.

Group shot near the entrance

There wasn’t anything special about this trash bin (except from the fact that it’s dirty – after spending a few days in Singapore we got used to everything being uber clean, even trash bins), but it was there so Ckloy figured he might as well take a picture next to it.

This was supposed to be a solo picture of me with the view before Ezra and Raffy ruined it by walking into it while fooling around and rough housing. It was their favorite past time during our entire vacation.

You can choose to buy a ticket that will allow you entrance to all five parks, or the three-park ticket, which allows you entrance to the amusement park, water park and wildlife park. Naturally we wanted to see all the attractions, but we realized that we probably wouldn’t have time since the park closes at 6pm, so we chose the 3-park ticket. To keep track of which ticket the visitors bought, Sunway wristbands are provided. Blue for those who bought the 3-park tickets and orange for those who bought the 5-park ones.

Let’s volt in!

As you enter, security checks your bags and confiscates any outside food you have. Unfortunately, my aunt brought a bunch of chocolates with her which she wasn’t allowed to bring inside.  Instead of having them confiscated, she decided to rent a locker and store them there until we had to leave. We were already inside when she was inspected, so we waited for her by the entrance and took pictures again.

Me, with a girl’s crotch behind me, lol.  Kept my shades on because I didn’t wear make up that day.  (What’s the point right?  It’s going to smear off in the pool anyway XD)

I love this shot of Ckloy and me

Ezra, my mom and me. The misty thing behind us is actually a sensor-activated shower. My mom almost got caught in it. She walked in, activated the sensor and was suddenly sprayed with water from both sides (and from above). Fortunately for her, she was only a few steps in and managed to turn around and run back out before she got too wet.

While waiting for my aunt, one of us, I can’t remember who (it was probably my dad though – he doesn’t look like it but he’s actually quite the prankster) had the brilliant idea of telling her that the shower was actually just an alternate entrance, and that we should convince her to walk through it. We all agreed and excitedly waited for my aunt to arrive. (Yes, we’re evil. But we figured we would get wet on the rides anyway, so it’s not *that* bad.)  Once she got there, my dad acted annoyed that she wasted our time by trying to bring the chocolates in and that we should hurry up and get inside.  He pointed her to the “entrance” and told her to hurry up and lead the way, which she did.  She walked so fast that she was halfway across the shower before she realized it.  Instead of turning around, she just ran to the exit.  She was soaked by the time she got out, lol.

My aunt is not amused.  Especially since she didn’t bring an extra change of clothes (whoops, we didn’t know), but she’s cool about these things and forgave us easily XD

Anyway, she forgot about our little prank after seeing the water park.  The pools were huge~ It was so hot that we all just wanted to jump in the water, but we decided to check out the amusement park first.  But I did rush into the water for a quick picture while my parents rented a locker for our bags:

Ckloy couldn’t wait to go swimming too. The water was only knee deep near the shore because they were trying to imitate a beach environment. They even had sand around the pool:

Map of the whole park. It was huge~ Although we bought the 3-park ticket which would allow us to explore the Wildlife Park, we didn’t have time to check it out. Going around the amusement park and water park took up our entire day.

We crossed this long hanging bridge to get to the other side of the park:

It was scary and pretty high up. You can even go bungee jumping off of it. Ezra wanted to try it but backed out at the last moment XD It didn’t help that some parts of the bridge’s floor was made up of these metal grills that allow you to see how high up you are and gives you the illusion that you’re walking unsupported. Brrrr~

But the view from the bridge was great:

When we got to the amusement park, I felt a bit queasy from our bridge experience – though it didn’t have anything to do with walking on the actual bridge, it was getting up there that was the problem. The bridge was so high up that we had to climb this loooong flight of stairs to even get on it.  By the time I reached the top, I was so out of breath (yeah, I need to exercise more) that my vision was a little fuzzy. Anyway, the climb down from the bridge was much easier, and I felt better after resting for a moment while watching Raffy and Ckloy enjoy the Tomahawk:

It’s like a little boat thing that swings around. It sounds pretty mild but it does three 360-degree turns. (Yeah, that was a lame description, so I found a video of it on youtube so you guys can see:  Click here to see it)

Since I was feeling better, Ezra managed to convince me to ride it with her.

Ckloy and Raffy went on it again with us.  It was alright, I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it but I actually enjoyed it. It was a bit scary, but I think I was more terrified of Ezra screaming next to me before the ride even began.

After this we tried the Pirate Ship ride (sorry, I can’t remember if that was the actual name, it’s been a so long). It’s pretty much like Anchor’s Away in EK but it does one 360-degree turn – and it does it really slowly which is actually scarier because your mind has more time to think “Are you crazy? What are you doing on this thing?? Do you want to die????” But in our defense, we didn’t know it was going to do a full turn until we were all on it. We assumed it was just going swing us back and forth like the one in EK.

Here’s a picture my dad took when I jokingly asked the ride operator of it was going to do a full swing, and she said yes.

LOL, you can see how my expression’s all “You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re kidding!

And here’s a shot with Ezra’s and Raffy’s reaction after I told them:

Ezra’s like “360???” and Raffy’s all “Oh well~

But by then we were too embarrassed to get off so we decided to just do it.  Raffy, Ckloy and I enjoyed it but Ezra looked like she was about to pass out when the ride was over. We all thought she was going to throw up.  She was so pale and wobbly afterwards.  My dad caught it all on video, it’s hilarious, LOL. (But I’m not going to post it here because Ezra will probably cut off all my hair in my sleep if I do XD)

After that we just spent most of our morning trying different rides and taking pictures.

Ckloy taking a break

Oh noes~ We’re shtuck!

We found it a bit weird at first that we kept bumping into people in their swimsuits, but we remembered that the water park was next to the amusement park. (Later in the afternoon we were the ones going on rides in our swimwear, getting the strange looks from people XD)

The rides we went on were mostly okay, but we did get into a few that lead to a couple of interesting situations. Like when we rode this mini coaster.  There were five of us and you had to sit in pairs so Ckloy had to sit next to this girl (who was also with an odd-numbered group) because my mom asked me to sit with her. It was funny because the girl had a video camera and she was vlogging about the ride so she  was recording her facial expression the entire time. Ckloy was worried that he would be caught on camera screaming his head off so he said he forced himself to remain calm and emotionless the whole time XD

(I don’t have a picture of us on the actual ride, so here’s one of us lining up for it)

And there was this other ride which had some *technical difficulties* while we were on it. It was like the Jungle Log Jam from Enchanted Kingdom, where a maximum of four people sit inside a log-shaped boat and it takes you up a steep slope and then it suddenly drops. Well, for some reason, the log that Ezra, Ckloy, Raffy and I were on got stuck about 3/4th of way up that steep slope for 15 freakin’ minutes!  The sensors just suddenly stopped working and we just found ourselves stuck.  At first we thought it was part of the ride (you know, like how some rides will keep you motionless then all of a sudden it moves super fast to make it more exciting) but after a couple of minutes we realized that something must be wrong, so we started yelling to get the staff’s attention.  It took about 5 minutes before the operator realized that something was wrong and sent some people to fix the problem.  Now we’re patient people and a 15 minute delay wouldn’t normally cause us problems, but it wasn’t easy for us to sit still while they were addressing the issue.  The ride requires you to sit in front of each other, facing the front – which meant that, except for the person at the very front, all of us had our legs spread apart to accommodate the person in front!  And because the boat got stuck at the steep slope, we each kept sliding backwards in out seat, crushing the person behind us. Trust me, it was NOT comfortable at all!  It was bad enough that we were stuck in an awkward position, but when the people came to fix the ride, they totally ignored us!  We were asking how long it would take and if we could somehow get off the boat because our legs were starting to hurt, and they just pretended not to hear anything and continued to inspect the sensors.  Except for this one dude who held up his hand to signal “wait” (without sparing us a glance), all of them acted like we were invisible!!  Anyway, the fixed it soon enough and we were able to continue to ride.  (Our legs were still aching the next day~)

We wanted to drop in on the Wildlife Park before lunch, but we figured that if we wanted to make the most of our time at the Water Park we should just skip that. We did see this tiger near the amusement park though:

We grabbed a quick lunch at one of the food courts then changed into our swimsuits to enjoy the water park. I didn’t take any pictures because I left my camera in the lockers after I changed.  We just spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and trying out the different pools and the water slides. At around 5:30, the park employees started telling people to vacate the pools because they needed to start cleaning up. We showered, changed and waited for our driver to pick us up. He called to tell us that he would be about 30 minutes late because traffic was really bad, so we decided to wait for him at the hotel he dropped us off earlier:

So classy~

Another trash bin for Ckloy

Our driver called us again when he was near so we went outside to wait for him.

Took this while we waited for him to come around the driveway. PRONGS!

Our initial plan was to go back to the hotel and change, but we were all exhausted and we knew that if we went back to our rooms, we would all just collapse on the bed and skip dinner so we headed straight to the mall to grab a quick bite before turning in for the night 😀


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  2. I am hoping to go to sunway lagoon during my stay at malaysia.I hope ur tips will help me a lot..Thanks for sharing ur experience at Sunway.Ur blog is really nice…xoxo♥♥♥

    • Hi, so sorry for the late reply, I didn’t notice your comment earlier. I don’t remember seeing shops at Sunway (but that was a long time ago). But I’m guessing that they sell swimsuits there since it’s a waterpark.

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