Week 41/52 : Who will hear the echoes of stories never told?

Uploading this two years too late.  I’m currently organizing my posts here on WordPress and I discovered that I forgot to post a few of my old photos on my blog.  (And I’ve numbered a few of them wrong, eeek~)  Anyway, thank goodness I can change the date of my posts ..

I shot this for Theme of the Week’s topic : “Face your fears”

I chose acrophobia for my theme this week, which is the fear of heights. I’m not really sure if that’s the right phobia to describe what I have though. It’s not really the idea of going someplace high that scares me, it’s the risk of falling down. I actually enjoy going up to high places. And I get super excited when I look down and see how far the ground is – as long as I know that there’s no chance of me falling.

Ezra helped me take this shot. It took a while before we got it right. At first I tried lying down on a chair and posing as if I was falling, but it was extremely difficult. I looked awkward (and in pain) in most of the shots, so we tried a different method. This time we had me jump up in the air while bending over. It sounds a lot easier than it actually was. My body kept wanting to straighten up as I jumped, which didn’t really give that “falling” effect. And the fact that Ezra kept rushing me didn’t help either. I told her to count to three before clicking the camera, and she just kept going nonstop! Sometimes she’d begin counting again from 1 even before I’ve had a chance to regain my balance from landing after the previous jump! My legs and thighs are still aching right now T__T But at least we got some decent shots~

I’m not sure if this looks realistic enough. I’ve been tweaking it all afternoon. I figured I should just upload it so I’d stop fiddling around with it already.

(Title came from the lyrics of “Melodies of Life” – FF9 OST)


One thought on “Week 41/52 : Who will hear the echoes of stories never told?

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