Week 44/52 : Come play with me

Belated Happy Halloween everyone! Wasn’t able to shoot this on time, so please forgive me.

This was inspired by the lovely JolsAriella. I’m such a fan of her work. If you like this then you definitely have to check out her gallery, it’s amazing!

I’m wearing the same wig I wore in this photo, and once again I am reminded of the fact that I can never pull of blunt bangs. My cheeks are big enough without the bangs there to emphasize them. (I edited the lighting a bit to hide my chubby cheeks a bit for this shot though)

This took me quite a bit of time to finish, mostly because I’m not used this style of editing so I had to do a lot of trial and error. I don’t usually process my pictures to come out this dark. I used default Photoshop brushes to draw the blood on the knife and on my hand, as well as the smudged mascara. The headband was also painted on in Photoshop – I got the black bow from here.   Processing this took much longer than usual but I’m really pleased with how this turned out.


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